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About Canli TV.Digital – Who we Are?

In 2020, Canlitv.Digital San. Tic. Ltd. in 2020-2022, our center, which has started serving in the Istanbul region, has received the name “CANLI TV DIGITAL” by adding new specialist physicians to its staff started to provide uninterrupted service 24/7.

At the beginning of 2020, we moved to our new building and added new branches and health units to our medical staff. We continue to provide our patients with more extensive and high-quality health care by putting operating rooms and maternity hospitals into service and increasing this service every day.


To be a center of excellence and attraction in health care with state-of-the-art devices, experienced experts in their fields, and friendly, trained staff.


To maintain, raise the health level of our society and improve the quality of life,
Providing multifaceted health services to individuals and families from childhood to old age,
To ensure early diagnosis and treatment,
Approaching health issues taking into account physical, spiritual and social factors,
Providing preventive health care,
To provide continuous care and treatment for chronic diseases,
Our goal is to monitor developments by keeping health records of all family members we follow.



The “seal” form has been selected for the logo, which constitutes the starting point of our corporate identity. “Seal” (stamp) is used in official and unofficial institutions to indicate that something is done following the established criteria. Approval of reports, approval of petitions, or payments is always carried out by “seal.” That’s why our new logo CanliTV.It has been prepared based on a stylized “seal” form to show that all the services provided by Digital health are “approved,” “valid,” and “reliable” in terms of quality and competence.

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