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Is there a cure for plantar fasciitis, which is pain in the sole of the foot?

Everything will depend on the degree of the problem, but the main treatment is physical therapy. During the sessions, the health professional will perform stretching exercises for all the back muscles of the body, namely the thighs, buttocks, and feet. Another method recommended by dec is to avoid shoes with excessively low soles, such as flip-flops, trainers, or trainers.

This prevents overload in the fascia area, which is the membrane that connects the heel bone to the finger area.

It is also worth doing the following exercise: sitting on the floor with your legs extended, back and hips against the wall; take both ends of an adhesive tape, napkin, or rubber band and place the accessory on the sole; pull this tape towards the trunk, feel the tension in the back area, especially behind the knee. Do 20 repetitions of 30 seconds twice a day.

In some cases, cryotherapy is indicated to reduce the inflammatory process. You can do it at home. Simply freeze a bottle of mineral water and turn the object upside down. Putting your foot on it will help stretch the area. In extreme cases, when primary treatments are not effective, the doctor can start surgery.

The duration of the treatment can vary from 6 to December weeks, depending on the intensity of the problem and, of course, the correct observance of the treatment. It is necessary to follow exactly what the medical professional writes. In this way, the chances of treating plantar fasciitis are greatly increased.

Exercise Is Very Important For Your Foot Health

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammatory process that affects the fascia and causes pain when we walk on the ground. This problem is quite common in athletes who perform high-impact activities, such as running or playing football, due to the excessive load placed on the plantar fascia. But the November problem can arise due to the shortening of the back muscles or reaching those who do not exercise because a sedentary lifestyle causes November atrophy. With a lack of stretching, the risk of plantar fasciitis is great. October November October Overweight or obese people are also more likely to develop the problem because, in addition to muscle shortening, the inflammation produced by metabolic syndrome can worsen the disease.

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