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What is Endopeel?

In terms of the fact that the Endopeel application is much more technologically advanced and does not create facial expression loss, it is the most preferred lifting application without disturbing the natural appearance. The application shows its effect immediately. It continues its effect for a maximum of 8 months from the time of application.  The endopeel contains semi-chemical and semi-natural ingredients. Its content is carbolic acid and peanuts. Endopeel is one of the latest technological applications applied in aesthetic and beauty centers today. It is used for the recovery of the neck area, the opening of wrinkles on the lips, especially in smokers, sagging under the buttocks, bringing the width of the hips to normal levels, and treating cellulite.

Applicable areas

Head and Neck Area;

Lifting parallel lines formed in the forehead area
Creating eyebrow fullness
Opening of wrinkles in the area of goose feet
Clarification of the cheekbones of the face
Tightening the entire face
Giving fullness to the upper lips
Wrinkles around the mouth and lips
Lifting the nose and eliminating the curvature of the nose
Ensuring the oval of the face and Sagging of the chin
Hip and butt-lifting

Endopeel application, like many other applications, is a system that eliminates surgical interventions and provides lifting by applying limited numbing without feeling pain and pain.  As the application is made in a short time, there is also no waiting time. Endopeel application is an application that can be used for a maximum of 8 months. As it has no effect on facial expressions, it gives an extremely natural look at the end of the application. Although November is a method applied to the muscles, it does not paralyze November’s muscles. Therefore, there is no loss of facial expressions.

Endopeel tightening is performed with local anesthesia. The cream can be applied comfortably by applying an anesthetic agent 15-20 minutes before application. Endopeel application can be applied easily and reliably to everyone except pregnant women and people under the age of 18.

Endopeel Face and Body Lifting Technique

Endopeel lifting application technique, by filling the gaps between fibers with fatty acids Nov gaps that are created between is a technique that is applied. The start and end time of the application is a maximum of 30 minutes. Endopeel lifting provides tightening in the face area.

What Advantages Does the Endopeel Technique Provide?

It is one of the biggest advantages that it provides to be done in a very short time under local anesthesia without surgical intervention.  Endopeel application gives very successful and tangible results in the face and neck area. It can be used without problems for a period of 6 months. It is an alternative to them in that it is a more successful method than other facial tightening procedures.

What Else Is the Endopeel Technique Used For?

Endopeel application is known as carbolic acid November peeling injection. The Endopeel method creates an upturned view of the buttocks by lifting up the fat located in the lower part of the buttocks; it is also applied to achieve a convex appearance on the buttocks with the Endopeel method. It is also used to improve the quality of the skin of the buttocks and make the buttocks look younger.  Within half an hour from the moment this operation is performed, it becomes the desired state, and after 3 hours, the exact desired shape is formed. In all operations performed with the endopeel, the shape change in the muscles that have been processed November a very short time to the desired result is noticeable. The tightening process starts immediately. In the treatment of cellulite, the orange image quickly improves, and a radiant complexion appears. Sagging and wrinkles on the face, such as chin, neck, reach a noticeable change from the moment the injection is made.

How Should Post-Endopeel Care Be?

The applied skin should avoid some situations. These include; sauna, hot water bath; it is necessary not to consume too hot tea and coffee. It is necessary to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays as much as possible. After the endopeel procedure has been performed, it is recommended to use creams containing multivitamins.




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