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Cookie Policy

When browsing the Canlitv.Digital websites and applications, cookies are placed on your device (computer, mobile, tablet) with which you are browsing. We use cookies, in particular, to carry out statistics and audience measurements, personalize and share on social networks the content we offer you and provide you with targeted advertising tailored to your interests.


“Canlitv.Digital”: refers to the Canlitv.Digital company, Canlitv, and all companies, controlled directly or indirectly by Canlitv.Digital, within the meaning of Article L233-3 of the French Commercial Code.

“Partner (s)”: means any company, other than a Subcontractor, selected by one of the companies of the Canlitv.Digital, with which it has contracted, supervises the provision and protection of Personal Data.

“Processor (s)”: means any company that may be required to process Personal Data or Browsing Data on behalf of one of the companies of the Canlitv.Digital, following the instructions given by the latter (s).


2.1 What is a cookie?

The concept of a cookie covers all non-executable text files, tracers, web beacons, and other technologies, such as transparent GIFs, clear GIFs, or web-bug (in the future “Cookies”), deposited on the browser of your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile) by Canlitv.Digital companies, our Subcontractors, and our Partners are subject to your consent when browsing our sites, mobile applications, and content (after this, our “Services”). The information contained in this file can only be read or modified by its issuer.

Some cookies may also be placed by Unauthorized Third Parties in violation of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTC) of Canlitv.Digital SA, and over which the companies of the Canlitv.Digital has no control.

2.2 What browsing data is collected via cookies?

All data (starting now the “Navigation Data”) that relate to a terminal at a given moment can be collected via Cookies, even if we do not know directly which terminal you are using or who you are, in particular :

The identification and content of a Cookie file, stored by the Canlitv.Digital companies, our Subcontractors, or our Partners in your terminal ;
The IP address of the terminal connected to the Service(s) ;
The IDFA (ID for Advertising) or IDFV (ID for Vendor) for Apple and the AID (Android ID) or GAID (Google Advertising ID) for Android (mobile advertising identifiers) ;
The date, time, and duration of connection of a terminal to a Service element(s) ;
The Internet address of the originating page of the terminal accessing the Service(s) ;
The type of terminal operating system (e.g., Windows, macOS, Linux, Unix, BeOS, etc.);
The type and version of the browser software used by the terminal (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.) ;
Possible download errors ;
The language of use of the navigation software used by the terminal ;
The characteristics of the content consulted (name of the program, duration of viewing) ;
Information on the transactions carried out or initiated (products concerned, type of transactions.)

2.3 Why are cookies present in our services?

Cookies allow us, in particular :

Globally, to allow you to browse and consult our sites or applications, adapt the content or display of our services to your terminal to improve your navigation and optimize our sites and applications ;
To store information relating to an already completed form (e.g., your user account) or to relate to products, services, or information from our services (e.g., content consulted, etc.) ;
Customize our content and advertisements based on your interests ;
To establish statistics and audience measurements on the attendance of our sites or applications ;
Allow you to share on social networks ;
Optimize the distribution and evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising messages we send ;
To ensure the security of our services, sites, and application by detecting/tracing any malicious attempt, computer intrusion, or violation of the general conditions of use (GTU) ;
To fulfill our legal obligations, respond to any requests from third parties authorized by law to ask us to communicate navigation data or personal data of users of our services.

2.4 Who stores cookies?

Subject to your consent and the choice of the configuration of your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) and your browser, when you access our Services, Cookies may be deposited by :

The publisher of the Service and the other companies of the Canlitv.Digital ;

The subcontractors of the Canlitv.Digital, namely the technical service providers who process your browsing data on behalf of the entities of the Canlitv.Digital, within the meaning of Article 28 of the GDPR ;
The Partners, namely advertisers, data brokers, and any other recipients, have concluded a contract with the relevant entity of the Canlitv.Digital governing the provision of data or a data protection agreement. In this case, we inform you that the Cookies of our Partners are for targeted advertising and profiling purposes, and we will send them your request to exercise the right to object to the deposit of Cookies.
Unauthorized Third Parties, namely advertisers, advertising agencies, data brokers, programmatic intermediaries, and any other person, who have not concluded with the relevant entity of the Canlitv.Digital is a contract governing the provision of data or a data protection agreement. We inform you that we prohibit the deposit of Cookies by Unauthorized Third Parties. In this case, insofar as we have no control over the deposit of these cookies, we invite you to consult the personal data protection and cookie policies of these Unauthorized Third Parties to become aware of the processing purposes, including advertising and categories of data collected, as well as the means of opposition offered by these Unauthorized Third Parties.

2.5 How long do cookies last?

The Cookies deposited by the Canlitv.Digital, our Subcontractors and our Partners, as well as the Navigation Data collected, are kept for a maximum period of thirteen (13) months from their deposit on your terminal. At the end of this period, your consent will be required again.


Subject to your consent and the configuration of your browser, Cookies may be installed on your device when you access our Services, including :

3.1 Cookies strictly necessary for the Services

Functionality cookies, preference Cookies and flash Cookies

Canlitv may place these Cookies.Digital companies, our Subcontractors or our Partners and allow :

to access the configuration information of the browser and the terminal, in particular for display resolution, language, security settings, etc. ;
to improve your browsing comfort to guarantee optimal use ;
to enjoy the audio and video playback of content on our Services ;
to allow the personalization of your navigation and remember your preferences to adapt the presentation of our Services.
User session cookies

User session Cookies record the information you have duly filled in using our forms when registering for one of our Services. These technologies allow us to recognize you as soon as you log in to one of our Services and access your unique user account giving you access to our relevant Services.

3.2 Advertising cookies
Advertising Cookies, which may be present in our advertising spaces, are deposited by the Canlitv.Digital Group, by our Subcontractors, our Partners or Unauthorized Third Parties. They allow us to track your browsing / interaction on our Services, to carry out profiling, based on which we adapt the advertisements that are offered to you on our Services, according to your interests, your terminal, your browsing (on our Services or on other websites that place similar Cookies), your location data (provided that you have consented) or Browsing Data that you could have provided.

3.3 Audience measurement and analytical cookies
The Canlitv.Digital Group companies, our Subcontractors, and our Partners may place audience measurement Cookies in order to compile statistics on the number of visits and the use of our Services. Statistics on attendance, display, advertising on our advertising spaces, and user interaction with these spaces may thus be carried out. They also make it possible to track the invoicing of our Partners.

3.4 Sharing cookies via social networks
Social networking sites may place cookies on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). These allow social network sites to track your browsing on our Services, in particular when your account at the relevant social network is activated on your terminal (open session) during your browsing.

3.5 Content personalization cookies
Canlitv may use web beacons and similar technologies.Digital Group companies or our Processors to track the use of our Services, in particular, to improve your user experience, provide you with personalized content based on your interests and understand whether our users are reading emails and clicking on links inserted in our messages so that we can distribute relevant content and offers. Our Partners may also deposit them to collect certain information, such as your browser type and the web page you visited before arriving on our Services, for auditing, research, and reporting information about our Services and about the advertisements viewed on our Services.

3.6 Cookies to collect data specifically related to your mobile device
Subject to your consent and the configuration of your mobile device, Cookies may be installed on your device when you access our Services through our applications, including Cookies that collect data specifically related to your mobile device (mobile device, mobile phone, tablet, etc.), such as the model of your phone, the version of your operating system, connectivity, name and version of the application used.

Canlitv may place these Cookies.Digital Group companies and our Partners are necessary for the proper functioning of our applications, to be able to provide you with a Service and advertisements adapted to the technical characteristics of your device and measure the audience of our applications.

In addition, Cookies may be placed by Canlitv.Digital Group companies or our Partners, subject to your consent, to identify the physical location of your mobile device (geolocation) to be able to inform you of offers that might interest you and improve your user experience on the mobile application consulted.

4.1 Acceptance of cookies
The deposit of a Cookie requires your prior consent. You can at any time oppose the deposit of a specific Cookie or even modify your choices by clicking on the following link: management of my cookie consents.

4.2 Disabling cookies
You have the option to refuse the deposit of Cookies on your terminal. However, we would like to inform you that the complete rejection of cookies may prevent you from taking full advantage of the features of our Services. Thus, we do not accept any responsibility for the consequences related to possible malfunctions of our Services resulting from the impossibility for us to save or consult the Cookies necessary for the operation of the Services and that you have refused or deleted.

There are different ways to disable cookies, including :

The configuration of your Consent Management Platform

The Canlitv.Digital Group has set up a consent management platform that allows you to oppose the use of cookies by purpose and by partner: management of my cookie consents.

The configuration of your terminals and your browser

Configuring your browser :

You have the option to configure your browser to disable the deposit of Cookies. To be precise, the configuration of each browser is different. It is necessary to consult the conditions of your browser in order to determine how to change your consent to the deposit of Cookies.

To help you with the configuration, you can consult the help page specific to the browser you are using :

Microsoft Internet Explorer:
Microsoft Edge:
Google Chrome:
Safari Mac:
Safari iPhone / iPad:
Some browsers also offer a “Do Not Track” option (which can be translated as “do not track me”).

Disabling Cookies

To change your settings and disable cookies, we invite you to go directly to the following addresses :

Disabling advertising Cookies

Disabling personalization Cookies
Deactivation of audience measurement and statistical cookies
Google Analytics:
Deactivation of sharing cookies via social networks
To change your settings in relation to sharing Cookies via social networks, we invite you to go to the following addresses :

Disabling Flash Cookies
To change your settings, in particular concerning Flash Cookies, we invite you to go to the following address:

Disabling Cookies of Unauthorized Third Parties :

Your online choices: the website set up by the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) association of advertising professionals, allows you to accept or refuse cookies used by companies registered on this site when you visit their services.

The refusal of Cookies will not prevent the display of advertising on our Services. However, this refusal may prevent you from accessing our Services in optimal conditions and prevent our content adaptation to the Browsing Data on your device.

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