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Canlitv Digital Health PRIVACY POLICY

Island Health and counseling employees who are members via the website as part of the services that you provide candidates and employers, including the privacy of visitors and other third parties, and Shared Value offers individuals and institutions concerning the privacy of personal information and data security concerns that you may have concerning these meets.

1. Scope of the Privacy Policy
As Canlitv Digital Health, we have prepared this “Privacy Policy” (“Policy”) for your data collected through this site as part of the services received from the website and for the security of this data.
To protect the privacy of our visitors, members, and users and to provide a secure experience in the provision of information and the use of personal information, we fully adopt an understanding following internationally accepted privacy protection standards.
The term “Personal Information” used in this Privacy Policy refers to information such as your identity information, including but not limited to your name, date of birth, e-mail address, or postal address, which may identify you. Our individual members share information such as educational status, profession, and date of birth; our corporate members also share their contact and corporate information such as company name, contact address, and e-mail address.

1.1 Employer and Employee Candidates

As Yenibiriş, which has been assigned the status of a private employment agency by law, we value the privacy of our users and collect, store and use the information of employers or employee candidates who are members of Yenibiriş within the scope of our commercial activities. We will not use personal information without the consent of users, and we are fully committed to complying with internationally accepted privacy protection standards in the use of Personal Information.

The highest possible sensitivity about the security of personal data collected about employee candidates is shown by us. Such data collection, use, transfer, storage, and processing in other ways work and the service that we provide to you are ignored in the presence of workers and the implementation of this Policy the Law No. 6698 on the protection of personal data that is produced for other purposes (“KVKK”) and the regulation of Private Employment Agencies (“Regulation”) and the protection of personal data within the scope of processing are detailed in the Policy.

2. What Kind of Data Do We Collect From You?

Two types of data belonging to you can be collected through the Canlitv Digital Health Website. These;

Personal data belonging to you (membership, etc. the information you provide to us through electronic forms for the purposes of) with
We collect your personal data in order to improve our non-personal and technological infrastructure. It is behavioral data collected by people.

3. For what purpose is your information collected on the Canlitv Digital Health Website?

We collect data belonging to our users on the Canlitv Digital Health Website for the following purposes in general:

To carry out our brokerage activities for finding jobs and workers,
To carry out our services for the labor market and employment and human resources,
To provide personalized services to our users and to increase user satisfaction by making the user experience more quality,
To contact them to the extent that our members or visitors allow us, to keep them informed of the services and opportunities,
Canlitv Digital Health’s website monitors its functions from a technical point of view and ensures that it works as needed,
To perform the services, we provide in accordance with our membership agreement,
Sending newsletters by e-mail or making promotions or notifications,
Answering your questions and providing effective customer service,
To use it in various statistical evaluations, database creation, and Sunday research without revealing the user’s identity,
Identification of problems related to the system and urgent resolution of problems that may arise within the Canlitv Digital Health Website,
Providing information about new content,
To use it in the billing of the service price received through the website,
Sending publications,
In addition to these, we provide individual members with; we provide the opportunity to prepare a resume, register, and apply for a job on our website. The prepared resumes are in active or passive position according to the member’s own choice it is stored on the company’s website.

Canlitv Digital Health the security, confidentiality, collection of other data other than this Policy, etc. it may have adopted other policies or procedures on matters. For this reason, we recommend that you also review other Policy and legal texts.

4. By What Means and When Do We Collect Your Information?

Your personal data belonging to you;

When you register or become a member of Canlitv Digital Health Website,
With cookies,
When you log in to our advertising or marketing ads,
We collect information when you use the Canlitv Digital Health Websites.

5. How Do We Collect Your Personal Data?

5.1 Membership / Registration

Canlitv Digital Health Web Pages You share your information such as name, surname, company name, e-mail address, phone number, address, resume when performing membership transactions on these platforms, placing ads and using our services or contacting us.

Canlitv Digital Health’s Web Pages and Digital Platforms are connected to Facebook v.b. you can also use your name, surname, date of birth, e-mail address, etc. through your accounts in social networks. it is possible to register or become a member without entering information. If you choose to register or become a member of our services through social networks within the scope of this Policy, you give us the authority to process, transfer, store the data sent to us by these social networks.

As part of the memberships that you create through social networks, you can update your information by entering the relevant platform.

5.2 Credit Card Information
The financial information collected is also used for the sales process and accounting related to the products and services you purchase. when you make a purchase on our website named 3 your financial information is required to carry out your transaction. for individuals (banks, credit card companies, etc.) you agree to be given. The information to be shared includes all the necessary financial information, including credit card number, expiration date, CVV.

5.3. Content Produced by You and Publicly Available
Suppose you, as our corporate members, choose to publicly disclose your information or data and share it within the reach and view of other members. In that case, it is considered to have been disclosed by you and may be used for statistical, advertising or promotional purposes. 3. Your personal data that you have disclosed we do not have any responsibility if people or other sites use it.
5.4. Information that is Not Your Personal Data and that We Collect Automatically
We may collect data about you to adapt the technologies we use to the needs of our members and visitors, resolve technical glitches, and audit our technical infrastructure. We may collect information about your number of clicks, your frequency of opening tabs, or your behavior in the digital environment related to the titles you are interested in, depending on your use of the site through cookies or other programs and spellings.

5.5. Device Information
The electronic devices you use (computer, laptop, tablets, smartphones, smart televisions, etc.) and data belonging to your device that cannot be matched with you (e.g. we may collect (such as location information). We may send push notifications on our website. If you do not want to receive these messages, you can reject these messages by changing the settings of your device or mobile application.

5.6. Data Collected Through Cookies
Your usage information for the Canlitv Digital Health Website can be obtained by using a technical contact file (Cookie-Cookie). The technical communication files mentioned are small text files that an internet site sends to the user’s browser to be stored in the main memory. The technical contact file facilitates the use of the Internet by storing status and preferences about an Internet site. The technical contact file helps to obtain statistical information about how many people use the Canlitv Digital Health Website, for what purpose, how many times a person visits the Canlitv Digital Health Website and how long they stay, and dynamically generate content from user pages designed specifically for users. The technical contact file is not intended to retrieve data or any other personal information from the main memory or its electronic mail. Most browsers are designed to accept the technical communication file at first, but users can change the settings if they wish to ensure that the technical communication file does not arrive or that the technical communication file is alerted when it is sent. The Member is considered to have given explicit consent to the use of cookies unless he/she changes these settings.

We may use cookie technology and place them on your device. If you do not accept cookies, the Canlitv Digital Health Website may not perform the functions you expect, or glitches may occur.

3. We may share the data received through cookies with people for advertising purposes. For more detailed information, please review the Hürriyet Group Cookie Policy.

6. 3. Via the Canlitv Digital Health Website. Links to Contact Websites

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