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I have insomnia problem, I can’t sleep for a week, do you have a solution?

The first step, of course, is to seek help from a doctor. During the consultation, the professional will ask various questions about the family dynamic, the social, the day as a bedtime routine, and rituals. Moreover, the doctor will discuss release meals and other topics such as physical exercise, medications you use, between other aspects such as how you use your room, food, and the times that are performed a related.

From now on, some laboratory tests can be specified, and other more specific ones, such as polysomnography, a device that analyzes the quality of a patient’s sleepover an entire night. Then, the doctor indicates the best improvement with the diagnosis in hand. Among the most cited procedures is cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, which aims to treat exactly the possible causative factors.
While you wait for 60 with professional health, these are some tips to follow. Once, no medication provides or supplements without a prescription, even if they are indicated to improve sleep. The substances of the platform can have the opposite effect and worsen still more of insomnia. Also, a mattress should only be used for sleeping. Avoid Work, auxiliary television, and cell phone deal. The hormone melatonin is exactly responsible for regular sleep in the luminous interference stimuli. Therefore, how much more for exposure to light, minor.

It’s also important to avoid cocci during the day, as it can lower the quality of the day. Avoid stimulants of any nature, such as coffee, some teas, and energy. And if you practice some physical activity, do your workouts in the morning or after. During the night, the stimulus that causes exercises cannot aggravate insomnia.

It is not a night that can affect the organism in medium and long fields. Reducing sleep hours increases the amount of ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger, and decreases leptin, a substance that contributes to satiety. Also, as a consequence, I the increase in appetite and hunger and a large probability of developing obesity. Also, there is sleep compromised make for an organism prone to infections, cases of pneumonia, and flu, therefore, because the immune system ends up working correctly no fighting to the invasion of attack and bacteria.

On the other hand, sleeping well, or since, around 6 o’clock per night, and waking up if you feel like it, will help carry out a real cleansing of the toxins produced in the brain during the period in which we are awake. Moreover, it also helps keep the cognitive processes of learning and memory healthy.

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