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Mistakes Made in the Diet

When we start talking about the mistakes made in the diet, you will also notice that you make these mistakes from time to time. Usually, those who decide to lose weight want this to happen very quickly and in a very short time. And some mistakes that are made following this request and that we often encounter occur. Now let’s look at what these errors are together, and if there are errors that we have made, let’s take steps to correct them.

Staying hungry for a long time or skipping meals

One of the mistakes made is skipping meals and thinking that we will lose weight easier by starving ourselves. But this, on the contrary, will cause your metabolism to slow down and make it difficult for you to lose weight.

Insufficient Water Consumption

Drinking water is as important a habit as adjusting to our nutrition program. But many of us forget to drink water during the day. Low water consumption can cause edema formation in the body. This, in turn, negatively affects our weight loss. We can find the amount of water we need per day using the formula kg x 30 ml. An individual of 70 kg should consume 70 x 30 ml = 2100 ml, that is, about 2 liters of water.

Removing bread from our diet

The first goal of those who start a diet is always bread. But the main thing we need to focus on is creating an energy deficit. In other words, the energy we take should be less than the energy we give so that we can lose weight. In this direction, if we go to another group of foods instead of bread, we can lose weight again. Here we can’t link the result to bread gaining weight. Every extra food we consume will cause weight gain anyway. The main thing is to be able to strike a balance.

Feeding in a uniform way

Unfortunately, diet lists recommend choosing only one food or food group, and spending the whole day with that food or food will do you more harm than good. Eating a uniform diet for a long time will both cause problems with your metabolism and make it difficult for you to lose weight due to slowing down your metabolism after a while.

Light products

Uncontrolled consumption of light products, thinking that they are low-calorie or low-calorie, will prevent you from losing weight. At this point, I invite you to read the label. You will see that you are taking in a lot of calories without realizing it.

Not consuming fat

Trying to get rid of fat mass in the body, some completely remove fat from their diet. But they overlook that fatty foods help keep us full for quite some time. We can get about 30% of our daily diet from healthy fats.

Getting too much protein

As soon as we start dieting, one of the first things we do is cut out carbohydrates and implement a protein-weighted nutrition program. But the fact that we take most of the protein we need to take will cause metabolic disorders and cause an excessive load on the kidneys.

Setting unrealistic goals

Healthy eating programs aim to lose 2-4 kg per month. When we set ourselves very big goals when we can’t achieve them, we find ourselves and the diet failing. And this even leads to the fact that we stop dieting.

Don’t weigh in every day

We need to put some distance between us and the weeper. The figures on the scale may change due to some changes in the body during the day or due to some differences in our daily diet. And when we are weighed every day, these differences cause demoralization. It will be right for us to weigh once a week, on an empty stomach, after satisfying your need for a toilet.

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