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What is Dermamelan – Cosmelan?

What is Dermamelan – Cosmelan?

Dermamelan- Cosmelan kısaca özetleyecek olursak; ciltteki lekelerin giderilmesi amacı ile üretilmiş bir bakım setidir. Kozmetik sektörü içerisinde yer alan Dermamelan- Cosmelan setinin içerisinde maske, bakım kremi ve nemlendirici olmak üzere 3 adet ürün bulunuyor. Maske olarak kullanılan ürünün içeriğinde yer alan soyucu ve baskılayıcı özelliği bulunan enzimsel maddeler, lekelerin tedavisi için günümüzde sıklıkla kullanılır durumdadır. Ürün adı olan Dermamelan – Cosmelan aynı zamanda tedavinin de adıdır. Bu setin içinde bulunan maske uygulaması hekimler tarafından gerçekleştirilir. Maske uygulandıktan sonra sizler de düzenli olarak bakım kremi ve nemlendirici kremi uygulayarak tedavinin devam ermesini sağlamış olursunuz.

How is the Dermamelan – Cosmelan Stain Mask Applied to the Skin?

If you contact a dermatologist, a thorough skin analysis is performed. The parts where the Dermamelan- Cosmelan mask will be applied are determined by your doctor. At the same time, your doctor will also ask your thoughts and expectations about the spots on your skin. After all these stages, the skin surface on which the Dermamelan- Cosmelan application will be performed is cleaned with a solution called the starting treatment solution and made sterile. The mask is applied with different intensities depending on the type of stain present on the skin surface. The mask applied to the skin surface remains on the skin for a period of time, deemed appropriate by the doctor. This period may vary on average between December 8 and 12 hours. After the expiration of the period that the dermatologist will recommend to you, the mask on your skin is removed by washing it off.

How Does the Treatment Proceed After Dermamelan Cosmelan Is Applied to the Skin?

The Dermamelan- Cosmelan mask is applied to the skin by the attending physician. Then the mask, which has remained on the skin for a certain time, is washed off with water and cleaned. After cleansing the mask from the skin, the conditioner and moisturizing care cream included in the kit are regularly applied to the skin. In this way, it is ensured that the treatment continues. In addition, the skin is given the opportunity to regenerate itself by using the sunscreen recommended by the dermatologist as indicated. After these stages, the skin gradually begins to peel off at the end of at least a week. The stained areas change color and open, acquiring a normal skin color.

In What Cases Should Dermamelan- Cosmelan Be Used?

Dermamelan- Cosmelan skin mask does not contain TCA and peeling acids in its content. Due to the fact that it is produced with the help of natural materials, there are also no risks and dangerous situations.

It is suitable for all skin types and can be used in all seasons, from summer to winter.
Especially women who have given birth prefer to use it for the treatment of spots that form on their body after pregnancy.
It is highly effective in the treatment of melasma disease.
It is convenient to use it for the treatment of spots and acne scars on the skin.

It is also a suitable product to be used against age spots on the skin.

What Are the Advantages of the Dermamelan Cosmelan Mask?

Firstly, thanks to the natural ingredients in it, it does not create wounds and similar conditions on the skin. It allows you to have fresh, radiant, and renewed skin. Thanks to its content, it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. A regular use eventually shows the desired effect and is a form of treatment that does not have pain or pain. After applying the Dermamelan Cosmelan care kit, it also prevents the condition of re-formation of spots called pigmentation. It provides the removal of skin spots thanks to its content, known as depigmentation, which allows the skin to be discolored.

Prices for Dermamelan Cosmelan

If you want to buy a Dermamelan- Cosmelan stain remover mask set that has the same product name as the treatment method, you can research under the name Dermamelan- Cosmelan prices. Because it is a treatment applied by a doctor, you will be given detailed information about pricing after the skin analysis that will be performed on your skin.

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