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The Salmon DNA Guide

What is Salmon D.N.A. Treatment?

Our skin is aging due to environmental factors and the influence of time. As a result, a matte appearance is formed, and its elastic property is gradually decreasing. The Salmon D.N.A. vaccine, known as salmon DNA therapy, consists of polynucleotides obtained from salmon fish. These polynucleotides are completely natural, structural elements of the body.

Salmon DNA vaccine molecules, called the Pi System, increase the level of moisture, make our skin brighter, and improve the quality of firmness and elasticity of the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production.

To whom does salmon D.N.A. apply?

Collagen and elastin fibers in the skin weaken due to age progression and genetic or environmental factors. It is the type of treatment used if the moisture content in the skin decreases and the elastin fibers weaken, and it can usually be applied to all kinds of skin aged 30 years and older.

In addition, Salmon D.N.A. therapy is applied to people who have excessive stress, have hormonal disorders, smoke, alcohol, use drugs, go through menopause, have irregular drug use, or feel the need to eliminate wrinkles and body cracks that occur on their hands due to heavy work.

Who Does Not Receive the Salmon D.N.A. Vaccine?

Pregnant Women
Diabetes patients
For people with a history of vascular occlusion and stroke
People with blood clotting disorders
Finally, it is not recommended to apply it to people with heart disease.

All the Details You Need to Know About Salmon D.N.A. (P.S.S.)

1-Can salmon D.N.A. be used in combination with other skin rejuvenation methods?

It can be done simultaneously with filler applications. It will give more effective results when used in combination with various lasers and methods such as deck frequency.

2-How long does the salmon D.N.A. vaccine treatment last, and how often, how many sessions should it be administered?

The application time depends on the area where the procedure will be performed (face, eye area, hands, neck, décolleté, etc.) depending on. The duration of treatment varies on average between 15-30 Dec.

P.I. System (Salmon DNA) will be applied depending on the region from 3 to 5 sessions, on the intervals between Sessions should be administered 1 to 2 weeks.

3- Is the Treatment Reliable?

Clinical studies have confirmed the reliability of the P.I. System application.

4- Is the Treatment Painful?

The pain can be of the lowest degree. Nevertheless, local anesthetic creams can be used to increase the comfort of the application.

5-What side effects may occur after treatment?

Redness, spot bruises, and mild edema may occur on the skin immediately after application.

Salmon D.N.A. Treatment Prices

Although an application varies depending on where the salmon D.N.A. is made, the average prices vary. You Can Get Information About Prices By Calling Our Clinic.

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