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Endolift and Why Is It Necessary?

Endolift and Why Is It Necessary?

Sagging, wrinkles and wrinkles occur in the face area for many reasons, such as decreased hormones with advancing age, loss of elasticity and moisture with a decrease in collagen tissue, weight gain, external factors, and the effect of gravity.

It is an FDA-approved laser technology used to treat middle and lower face shaping, jawline clarification, stretching of the chin and neck area, and tightening of detention bags for the aforementioned reasons without the need for surgery and without scarring.

After endolift application:
Immediately a lipolysis reaction takes place
Slight sagging on the face and neck improves
The formation of new collagen is activated
Due to the increased heat under the skin, the formation of new vessels is stimulated
Lymph and adipose tissue are reduced
The skin tightens
The jawline and facial contour become noticeable.


Nasolabial (lines extending from the edge of the nose to the edge of the lip)
Under the eyes


It does not require anesthesia; only air cooling is enough.
It is safe and offers results that can be observed instantly.
It has a long-lasting effect.
One session of treatment is enough. (It takes about 45 minutes.)
It does not require cuts, leaves no traces.
There is an easy procedure that can be performed in a clinical setting.
A certain recovery period is not required after the treatment.
It can be combined with other aesthetic applications.


To whom can endolift be applied?

Endolift can be applied to all age groups and all skin types according to their needs, especially men and women with loss of elasticity or excess adipose tissue on their skin.

Who can’t have an endolipt done?

It is not applied to patients with pregnancy, breastfeeding, some active autoimmune diseases, and active infections in the area to be applied.

How many sessions is endolift performed?

-It is sufficient to apply the endolipt in one session. If desired, it is possible to make a second application after 4-6 months.

Is end lift a painful procedure?

-It is an application that feels minimal pain. The application is performed by blowing cold air, but anesthesia can be applied depending on the patient’s preference.

Is there any maintenance required after the application?

It does not require special care. After that, you can immediately return to your daily life.

When are the results visible?

Although there is an immediate recovery in the area after application, collagen production and therefore tightening in the skin continue for the next 3-4 months.

Endolift Prices

As with any beauty application, there is no fixed fee, as with the endolift application, but you can get a price by contacting our clinic.


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