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The Vacu Magic Guide

What is Vacu Magic?

“Vacu Magic,” the slimming method of many celebrities, including American star Kim Kardashian, has been released as a new fitness tool that combines physical exercise with IR beam and vacuum. It allows you to burn calories more and faster than a traditional exercise program.

Thanks to IR (infrared) rays, the metabolism is accelerated because sweating increases due to increased body temperature. Thus, blood circulation improves, and due to the action of fats, fat-burning begins. Normally, the calories given in 2 hours can be reduced up to half an hour thanks to this process.


vacu magic

Advantages of Vacu Magic Compared to the Walking Band

Long-term walks on the treadmill allow the upper part of the body to weaken while the lower part contract. But as a result of contraction, the trapped fats also become difficult to dissolve.

Vacu Magic, which provides thinning in the most basic body area, has a more comfortable structure than a walking band or walking on the street. Because long-term walks on the road or the treadmill cause joint problems after a while. In addition, no matter how much you walk, it is impossible to achieve fat burning of 2500 calories during the day.

The Benefits of Vacu Magic

Vacu Magic’s vacuum system reduces cellulite and regional lubrication.
The pressure exerted by the vacuum ensures the removal of edema in the body while the blood circulation accelerates.
November to the fact that the muscle mass is concentrated, the problem of fat will disappear, strengthening the respiratory system.
It has the effect of post-injury treatment while preventing bone resorption.
It affects regulating the menstrual period in women and increasing sexual power in men.
It effectively maintains and increases physical strength before a race in professional athletes.
Who Can Have Vacu Magic Done?

There is no age limit to this. People of all ages and groups who have passed the age of 18 and may not have any health problems can make this application.

The Harms of Vacu Magic?

Vacu Magic has no harm at all. It is recommended to do this only after obtaining permission from consultants or doctors of patients with chronic conditions or who have previously had a serious illness.

Vacu Magic Prices

Now let’s tell you about the prices of Vacu Magic. Vacu Magic differs depending on where you have it made. In the market, the minimum is 200 TL per session, and the maximum is 350 TL.


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