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Upper Arm Aesthetics

Upper Arm Aesthetics

Although it is one of the methods that women use because they care about their appearance, it is a form of aesthetics that is generally needed because of aging upper arms, especially in patients who lose or gain excess weight, skin wrinkles, and sagging skin due to lubrication. 3 Methods are generally used for Upper Arm Aesthetics. These methods can be listed as follows.



The method known as removing excess fat is applied as follows. It is entered through two points of half a centimeter from the back of the elbow and the back armpit line. The goal here is to reduce the thick layer of fat and ensure that the sagging area relaxes and recovers to its former place. For this to happen, the elasticity of the arm skin should be sufficient, and no cracks should form.

In the practice of liposuction, general or sometimes local anesthesia is used. Patients to whom this application is applied are advised to use corsets that resemble gloves specially prepared for the area where the procedure was performed after the procedure.

It is enough to use these corsets for about 2-3 weeks. Corsets can be used without being obvious from underclothes, as well as helping to prevent serious pain after surgery.


The thickness, elastic structure, and degree of aging of each person’s skin are not the same. For this reason, sagging, profusion, greasiness, cracks on the skin of some people become more and more common, while these effects occur less in some people. As a result of great cracking and severe sagging of the skin, the method of removing cracked skin is called “Brachioplasty.” With this method, arm stretching operation is performed on the person. This procedure removes the abundant skin after the liposuction procedure applied to the patient by surgical procedures.

Local or general anesthesia can be performed in arm lift surgeries. The operation lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours. Patients undergoing local anesthesia are discharged within the same day, while patients undergoing general anesthesia may need to stay in the hospital overnight.

Things to Consider After Arm Lift Surgery

For two days after the operation, water should not be touched to the arms in any way.
The arms should be kept at the heart level or higher.
Since the surgical incision is closed with closed aesthetic stitches, these stitches do not need to be removed.
After the operation, sports activities should be dec for 4 or 6 weeks.

Am I Eligible for Arm Lift Surgery?

From extreme weight loss or gaining weight if you have sagging of the upper arms, upper arms, lower arms, and lower arms fat than is commensurate with the upper arms, if not recovered, despite stretching the arm if there is no time to undergo arm lift surgery.


Apart from the liposuction and Brachioplasty methods mentioned above, the ‘Thermage’ approach is also used in the aesthetics of the sagging arm. Sags are tried to be removed by this method, which is applied under anesthesia by giving heat to the skin with radio waves. Thermage gives better results when surgical operations are recommended on the tissues of too much sagging, loosened, or cracked skin and provide better results, while on the arms where there is less fading, loosening, and breaking.

Since this operation is not a surgical operation, it provides an advantage as a non-surgical solution. However, it is impossible to say that its results are as noticeable as surgical methods.

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