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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Non-Surgical Cheek Thinning

Non-Surgical Cheek Thinning

Non-surgical cheek thinning operations are the preferred practice of people who want to have a thinner face. The facial features of a normal person are round. Even in weak people, the facial areas have rounded contours. This is due to the fat bud called “Bichat,” which is located on the face. People who want to thin their facial contours resort to the operation of removing this fat sac in order to have a weaker face. In cheek thinning operations that take place without surgery, these fat vesicles are removed, and the face is given a thinner image. The process, which takes place smoothly, takes a fairly short time. Many women get the face look they want by thinning their face with the cheek thinning operation, which is often preferred because it does not contain risks.

How Is Cheek Thinning Performed Without Surgery?

Cheek thinning operations that do not require surgery are small operations that take place in a short time. The results of the procedures performed through the mouth are obtained in a short time, and daily life can be resumed. In these applications performed using radiofrequency, fat buds are reached through the mouth. Heat reflection is carried out with a special device on the fat buds located in both directions. By heating the area, the breakdown and melting of the fat sacs are achieved. The procedure, which is performed on one cheek area, takes about 10 minutes. With this procedure, which takes place in a very short time, the fat sacs disappear completely, and the face acquires a thin appearance. After the destruction of the fat sacs, the collagen secreted by the skin is tightened, and the skin is given a beautiful appearance.

Features of the Cheek Thinning Operation

Non-surgical cheek thinning is an operation that takes place painlessly. It can be applied in any way without the need for surgical intervention. Due to its short duration and painlessness, it can be performed without any anesthesia. This operation, which does not affect the normal life of a person in any way, is a total of 3 or 4 sessions for a normal face. The number of sessions can be increased according to the excess rate of lubrication in the face area. It is a very convenient operation for people who want to make changes to the face area and want to have a v-shaped face. All kinds of interventions can be performed to restore the natural appearance of the face by applying extra procedures to the people who are required during the operation.

Who Can Have a Cheek Thinning Operation?

Anyone can choose a non-surgical cheek thinning operation. But this operation is an operation that has more effective results in people who have a round face line. On faces with an excessive thinning rate, the difference can be seen immediately. In addition, people with excess fat sacs located on the inside of the cheeks can also get rid of excess in the face area with this application.

Considerations to Be Considered After Performing Non-Surgical Cheek Thinning Surgery

After the operation is performed, there are issues that need to be considered in order to get a long-term yield and have a useful texture. This operation, which does not affect daily life, does not create problems for a person in most cases. However, redness may be observed in the first days compared to excessive pressure applications. In addition, all kinds of daily activities can be done, all kinds of contact with water can be provided.

The Harm of Cheek Thinning Operations on the Body

There is no harm seen so far from cheek thinning operations. As long as the cheek thinning operation to be performed preferred in reliable centers, it will not create a very big problem in the following periods. It is quite a convenient operation. But in cases where the application is not made planar, it can create a percentage unbalanced image. Therefore, it is an operation that must necessarily be performed in a professional center. This operation, which does not cause any harm, is a procedure that adds self-confidence by freeing the person from their excess.

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