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What is PB Serum, What Does It Do?

What is PB Serum, What Does It Do?

PB serum is used to treat enzymes. Pb serum, 3 of the acids. It meets with its enzyme, and its enzymes exert a reparative effect. The enzyme November the muscles in the body to function and life to continuing. Pb serum is a drug of Spanish origin and is effective not only in the treatment of enzymes but also in the treatment of many other diseases.

There are three enzymes in Pb serum, namely collagenase, lipase, and lyase. The three indicated enzymes are used to treat different diseases. Lipase is more often used to burn fat. People who are overweight can lose weight more easily thanks to this enzyme. Collagenase destroys bad enzymes and replaces them with good enzymes. It also ensures the proliferation of good enzymes with regular use.

Lyase also helps to remove edema from the body. As it can be seen, each of them is useful for different regions and therefore is effective in treating different complaints one-on-one.

What are the Types of PB Serum?

PB serum is examined in 3 different varieties. These are; low, medium, and high. -More effective for detention bags. The Low series is used to tighten the detention bags and open the pores. The Low series tightens not only the detention bags but also the entire skin and also refreshes the complexion. Although it usually works in 2 sessions, it can also work in a single session because it varies from person to person.

The Medium series is mainly used to thin fat-filled tissues. It is known as a kind of fat burner. It is mainly used under the chin, on the arms, calves, and abdomen. The medium series of PB serum not only burns fats but also collects and tightens the area where it is used. The duration of treatment varies from person to person. The symptoms may recur in the person again, but in this case, Pb serum treatment can be applied again.

The High series contains more collagenases. This series is used to treat scars, surgical scars, burns, cracks, sagging, and deep wrinkles. The enzyme collagenase treats these areas by repairing them. It heals the tissue by burning the old enzyme in these areas and adding new enzyme supplements instead. It shows its effect Dec 1-4 sessions depending on the patient’s condition.

PB Serum Rules

Pb serum is used in people who have reached the age of 18. Unfortunately, you cannot use Pb serum if you are not over the age of 18. it does not cause any harm when used under the age of 18, but it is still not allowed because the tissues are too fresh yet. On the day when Pb serum is applied to your body, you should rest a lot.

During the days when you use PB serum, you should not use heavy activities such as baths, saunas, and going to the sea. However, you should not do heavy sports during that day. You can do whatever you want afterward.

The Difference of PB Serum from Other Applications

The difference between PB serum from other applications is that it lasts longer. Since Pb serum is therapeutic, it allows it to perform its function by activating the broken mechanism in the body. Other applications are temporarily used only to heal the damaged area. Since Pb serum contains three different enzymes, it has a constructive effect.

Because it is used in 3 different series, it appeals to different parts of the body and is used in the part where it is needed. After the treatment is over, it can be re-treated when it loses its effect, but this is not available in many applications.

PB Serum Prices

Since PB serum is used by vaccination method with doctor’s control, you can get detailed information about the price by contacting us. This is just the price of the drug. After consulting with your doctor, you can first analyze your skin and then start your doctor to apply the Pb serum series recommended by your doctor. You may notice that it has an effect in a short time.

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