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Laser Lipolysis

What is Laser Lipolysis?

Laser Lipolysis is a state-of-the-art form of liposuction treatment, a well-known and now obsolete method. As a laser technology, it has wiped out all the old methods in the beauty aesthetic sector and especially in the health sector. Judging by the differences in laser lipolysis from classical liposuction, the difference is quite surprising. First of all, laser Lipolysis is an application that can be performed in a much shorter time. According to liposuction, it has a very low or almost no risk. It is a very easily applicable system, and if there is little improvement in bleeding and bruising, it is in a very short time and fasts. In patients undergoing Laser Lipolysis, pain, soreness, prolonged edema, pain or edema that appear after the procedure, and subsequent deformation, skin relaxation, and sagging are not seen in laser lipolysis. Laser Lipolysis treatment is a surgical liposuction procedure performed with three different lasers. During the procedure, three different lasers are used. One of them dissolves fats, while the other prevents bleeding, and the other provides tightening by applying it under the skin. Therefore, the name of Liposuction operations is no longer even used today. Because the method that replaces it is much more than just an alternative method to it, and because it is the most technologically advanced method of fat burning.

The Process of Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is a method of breaking down fat cells found in fat cells with laser beams. While fats are broken down by laser lipolysis, the body shaping process is performed simultaneously. Initially, only Laser Lipolysis is performed with 3D laser Lipolysis technology at the point of arrival. Laser application, known as laser lipolysis process, uses ultrasound image and radiofrequency simultaneously. Excess fats are destroyed by breaking down. Then the places emptied of fats are again done by laser application of body shaping, and the image and quality of the skin are improved. During and after all these procedures, the body is tightened.

Areas Where Laser Lipolysis is Applied
Ovalization of the triangular face under the chin
Tickle recovery
Elimination of wrinkles on the neck
Quality of the skin by breaking down abdominal fat
Based District
Loosening of the legs
Back lubrication
Lubrication of the buttocks and thighs
Sagging of the arms
Inguinal region
Relaxation of the calves
Creating aesthetic ankles

What is 3D Laser Lipolysis?

3D Laser Lipolysis is the latest technological fat breaking down and body shaping process developed after laser liposuction applications. 3D laser Lipolysis is a combination of three separate systems such as laser, ultrasound, and radiofrequency to perform a single job by performing different operations simultaneously. In the application of 3D laser lipolysis, very tangible and natural results are obtained with the highest level and very successful effect. 3D Laser Lipolysis is applied directly to fat with laser beams and destroys fat cells by breaking them down. After this procedure, stretching, rejuvenation, and firmness of the skin occur. The process of eliminating cellulite is also eliminated with this application.

3D Laser Lipolysis System

3D Laser Lipolysis application is performed with three different systems.

Smart Lipo
Ultrasonic Lipolysis
Laser cellulite removal
Smart Lipo

Smart lipo is a dual-action laser device. It bursts fat cells and reduces the amount of fat. It has thin cannulas and does not create uncomfortable traumas in the area where it is applied. There is a very short time between its implementation and the end of the process dec Due to the thinness of the cannula and the very short duration of the procedure, no pathological conditions occur. Since it is applied directly to fat cells, it does not damage other tissues.

Ultrasonic Lipolysis

Ultrasonic Lipolysis reaches fat cells with sound waves. It has a fibrotic effect, allowing fats to break down and separate. Its main feature is that it provides a high-level tightening in the area where it is applied. Because the broken down fat cells become liquid, the fat cells removed can be used as a filler in other parts of the body if desired.

Laser Cellulite Removal

Laser cellulite is a laser with a high radio frequency effect. The appearance of orange on the legs, especially in women, affects cellulite quickly. This highly successful operation is the latest developed instrument of laser technology.


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