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Satin Face Lift

Satin Face Lift

Especially after a certain age, depending on the progression of age, sags, and enlargements appear on the body. This condition, which also applies to the facial area, occurs because the body releases the skin.  Another effective factor affecting this condition, which develops due to tissue loss, is that the skin loses its ability to retain water after a certain period.  Facelift operations, which have already been developed in order to be a solution for these types of sagging, are the general name of applications performed to restore sagging that occurs in problem areas on the skin and restore the skin to a younger appearance. This method, which is also preferred for the purpose of correcting wrinkles on the skin, provides a fairly successful result.

What Effect Does It Have on the Skin?

The most basic reason for the sagging that occurs in the face area is the deterioration of the collagen balance in the body. The properties of collagens are impaired by the thermal energy triggered in satin facelift applications. Collagen fibers affected by the resulting heat dissolve over time and begin to release themselves.  In this way, damaged collagen cells combine with other cells to produce collagen again and in a healthy way.  As healthy collagens begin to spread throughout the body, the skin in the body comes alive, and the sagging begins to recover again.


Features of the Satin Face Lift Operation

The most important difference between satin facelift operations from other applications is the use of hybrid technology. Another remarkable feature is that an impeccable procedure can also be applied to the area where the eyelid is located when applying around the face. After the operation, daily life can be resumed directly.

How Do Satin Face Lift Operations Take Place?

The necessary information about the application is transferred before the facelift operation is started. Then, an ultrasonic gel is applied to the area where the stretching process will take place. Then the stopping process begins. The procedure for the facial area takes a total of 45 – 50 minutes. Eye contour operations last for 15 – 20 minutes.  During the application, the patient feels only warmth. Apart from this, there are no feelings. During the treatment period, the results are manifested in a wide range of times. The results that will occur with an increase in the balance of collagen in the body can take 5-6 months, depending on the duration of collagen proliferation in the body.

Who Can Prefer Satin Face Lifts?

Every patient who has a wrinkle or sagging problem in his body has the appropriate conditions for this application. The sagging problem, which is usually a problem of the ages of 30 and 35, has generally caused patients to prefer this operation after the age of 35. Patients who do not have the necessary rest period after normal surgical procedures can get rid of their problems instantly with this procedure.  In addition, patients with fear of needles also prefer this operation and achieve successful results painlessly and without leakage. These operations are not recommended only for people with a history of serious illness. This application is not recommended for patients with serious problems such as cancer in the past and women who are in the process of pregnancy.

In Which Regions are Satin Face Lift Operations Preferred?

Satin facelift operations are stretching operations that can be applied all over the face. In addition, it is a procedure that can also be applied in neck october operations that will take place without surgery. Neck lift surgery, which takes place together with the face, is performed using the same techniques as facial surgery. In addition to the facial october, it is also preferred in the gidi area. In operation involving the removal of excess gidi, the gidi is tightened and has a stretched image. The satin stretching operation performed in the neck area is a successful operation that can extend to the decollete area.


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