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Chin Filler

Chin Filler

Chin filling is an operation preferred by those who want to have a more attractive face. By designing a jaw model that can be compatible with the face, it is aimed to give shape to the jaw with simple interventions. Thus, the face acquires a more symmetrical appearance, and the face acquires a more balanced appearance than before.

What is a Chin Filler?

The most common disorders in the jaws are volumetric deficiencies, the jaw being larger than a hundred, the unclear appearance of the jawline, the asymmetrical jaw structure, and the sagging that occurs under the jaw.  Chin filler applications applied to add a more vivid look to the face help to eliminate all complaints found on the chin.  In this way, the jawbone is seen more clearly.

Is Chin Filling Harmful?

Jaw filling applications do not require any surgical application. It is an operation that can be easily performed without the need for anesthesia. Therefore, it has no effect on causing serious health problems in people. Before starting the application, if the patient requests it himself, maybe a local anesthetic can be applied to the face area. Since this anesthesia is also applied regionally, it does not cause long-term drowsiness in people.

Chin filler applications take approximately 15 minutes. This period determined for the session continues in the form of similar minutes in each session. The application, which is defined as injecting filler material into the marked areas in the jaw area, is terminated extremely painlessly.

Prices for Chin Filler

Although jaw filling applications include different prices, it is an operation that can be performed with prices close to each other in almost every clinic. In order to be satisfied with this application and not to experience disadvantages, it is necessary to make a decision by thoroughly researching the application center. In such cases, choosing unknown clinics due to their affordable price options may lead to bigger problems in the future.

How Permanent Is the Chin Filling?

Chin filler applications are applied with dermal filler materials. These fillers are also divided into different classes within themselves. The most preferred fillers are hyaluronic acid, bovine collagen, the body’s own fat cells, calcium hydroxylapatite. The most important rule to be considered when choosing a filler for filler injection is that these fillers are fillers approved by the Ministry of Health.

The application of chin filler is not a practice that shows a very long-term persistence. Depending on the nature and content of the filler to be preferred, the duration of the filler’s persistence varies. After a certain time, the fillers that have been injected lose their effect on the skin, and the need for renewal arises.

Who Can Have a Chin Filling Done?

In general, every individual who has completed puberty may prefer jaw filler applications. Filling applications that do not create any serious health problems are operations that can be easily performed because they do not require surgical intervention. Any individual whose skin structure is available can be a suitable candidate for these applications without age limits.

What You Need to Know About the Application of Chin Filler

Jaw filler applications do not provide the opportunity to make a jaw again. It ensures that only the necessary corrections can be made on the existing jaw. After applying the chin filler, it is possible to return to normal life in a short time. But for the first time, it is necessary to protect the chin area from all kinds of hard blows. During the first one or two weeks after the operation, attention should be paid to the area, and no coercive movements should be made. The center where the chin filler application takes place should offer this process in a guaranteed way. For any complications that may develop after the operation, the patient should contact the clinic in no time. Interventions to be performed at home can lead to a risk of contracting inflammation from the point of view of the region. Therefore, it is recommended to contact the clinic without wasting time on any October intervention requirements.

Prices for Jaw Fillers cannot be shared with the ministry of health. You can call immediately to get detailed information about prices.

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