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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Aesthetics of Spider Webs

Application of Spider Web Aesthetics

Today, plastic surgery has been replaced by the most advanced tools of technology. The aesthetics of Spider Webs is also one of them. Previously, these operations couldn’t be performed without surgery. Tangible results are now being achieved in a very short time and painlessly, without surgical interventions. Spider Web aesthetics is the process of facelifting, skin renewal, revitalization, and rejuvenation without surgical intervention. With the progression of age, the effect of gravity, again, the formation of lines on the skin depending on age, the influence of bad weather and environmental factors, unbalanced nutrition, weight gain, and loss for short periods age the skin. All these unfavorable conditions first indicate signs of senility in the face area. The lines take the triangular form of the oval in the chin area and the tickling, which causes wrinkles in the neck area. The Spider Web technique is a solution to all these problems and a complete alternative to surgical intervention. Spider Web aesthetics is compared to a spider due to its flexibility to the skin.

What is the Main Article of Spider Web Aesthetics?

The main article of the application of Spider Web aesthetics is that it is made with synthetic, break-resistant ropes with slow absorption called polydioxanone rope. These ropes have been used in plastic surgery and other surgical operations. Spider Web aesthetics these threads are placed under the skin with microneedles. Polydioxanone ropes are medical ropes compatible with living tissue and have no side effects. These threads are placed under the skin and processed inside the skin in the form of a spider web. Thanks to these ropes, the face is stretched without the need for surgery, and at the same time, it is ensured that the living organism produces cologen. As a result of this reaction, the body produces collagen and elastin substances. In this way, the skin is rejuvenated both by producing collogen and by the effect of ropes, a taut and smooth young face is revealed. The spider web technique, which is more effective than other rope facelifts, is a 2-factor skin lifting and rejuvenation technique.

What is Done with Spider Web aesthetics?

Wrinkles are opened, especially those located in the face area. It removes sagging on the face. It opens the wrinkles around the lower and upper lid around the eyes. It eliminates the signs of aging on the lip and rim. It removes the sagging of the under-jaw, triangular image, and tickle on the face. It gives the face a seriously youthful appearance and radiant, smooth skin. It is a method that can also be applied to women and men.

What Kind of Advantages Does It Provide?

The aesthetics of Spider Webs provides several advantages. These advantages:

A facelift is performed in a very short time
There will be no pain, soreness, and burning sensation
Since there is no cutting process, there is no problem leaving a trace.
After application, it is returned to everyday life there are no contraindications
At the end of the procedure, no scars and redness form on the face, makeup can be started immediately
The processing time is the same as the melting time of the threads.
It completely removes especially fine lines and wrinkles in the face area
It helps the production of collagen by the skin

It is an extremely reliable method in which there are no risks.

To Whom Can It be Applied?

Spider Web aesthetics is a facelift suitable for middle-aged people, not for very advanced ages. It is necessary that there are not too many wrinkles and sagging. There are no side effects or negatives. It is not an application that requires anesthesia because pain and pain are not felt. It is an extremely effective and reliable method for opening wrinkles on the forehead around the face’s eyes, lines caused by laughing, jawlines, detention bags, neck, tickling sagging, and arms sagging.

How Long will the process be completed?

As a result of the examination of the plastic surgeon, he decides that this aesthetic is applicable, as a result of which Spider Web aesthetics is performed. Since the procedure takes place quickly, pain, burning, and soreness are not felt. Since threads are used that are compatible with the texture, it does not hurt in any way. The process is extremely simple, short, and reliable, so recovery is equally fast. It is performed with local anesthesia. The application can be used without problems for two years.

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