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Non-Surgical Aesthetics


What is Ulthera? (Non-Surgical Face Lift)

Ulthera is one of the latest technologies in the field of aesthetic application. Thanks to Ulthera, damage to the skin that occurs over time and due to gravity can be corrected. Ulthera, a non-injection, non-surgical and painless application, can be used for a firmer and younger skin appearance. Thanks to the micro-focused ultrasound, the deep layers of the skin tissue are reached, and people can immediately return to their social lives after the application they have made. This method, which provides benefits and convenience in many ways, is ideal for eliminating time’s effects on the skin.

How Does Ulthera Affect the Skin?

Thanks to micro-focused ultrasound, the necessary heat is sent under the skin. The application is made in localized heating, and the desired depth is set very precisely. The purpose here is to heat the tissue without damaging the skin tissue, such as a magnifying glass that focuses on the sun. Thanks to the increase in the heat created in the lower layers of the skin, the skin starts the process of self-renewal, and repair begins. Thanks to this, collagen production begins in the skin, and skin tightening occurs.

How is the Application Made?

In Ulthera, that is, in non-surgical face lifting, the title transducer is touched to the skin, and the tissue under the skin along with the skin is shown on the monitor where the procedure is performed. Thanks to this technology, the process is performed so that specialists can fully see the skin and the tissue under the skin. So much so that these tissues under the skin can be seen during surgery under normal conditions. However, thanks to the latest technology, it has become possible to see the skin and subcutaneous tissues on the monitor. After that, using the same hood, thermal heats are provided to the places where the focus will be made, and the skin is helped to take advantage of it. The skin surface is not adversely affected by the application. Thanks to the energy sent to the skin, self-renewal begins in the tissues under the skin, and an increase in collagen occurs. A fairly effective tightening occurs, and a facelift effect is achieved without surgery after a certain time.

In Which Regions and How Many Sessions Is the Application Performed?

The Ulthera application is performed only in the form of a single session. After application, the desired image on the skin is achieved after some time, such as three months. Considering the entire face, the application of Ulthera can be completed dec thirty minutes to an hour. After application, the process of renewal and recovery of the skin begins immediately, but the renewal process manifests itself literally three months later. So much so that a wonderful tightening effect is released, and a natural facelift occurs over time. The results obtained after a single session can be maintained for up to a year.

Ulthera is a method that can be applied in many areas. It can be used for looseness and sagging in the jaw area, cheek sagging, flagging images around the eye and neck area, low eyebrows, correcting sagging in the tickle area, and reducing wrinkles décolleté area. Very great pains and pains are not felt during the application. Along with a feeling similar to a needle prick, a sense of warmth under the tissues may occur. Therefore, applications are performed without anesthesia. But some people may want sedation, which is in the form of light sleep. This is because what is felt in the applications varies from person to person.

Ulthera Prices

It would be wrong to mention a single December for Ulthera prices because the application price varies depending on the region where the application will be performed and the number of shots in the application. Especially for more permanent and effective results, multi-shot applications are preferred. This is also reflected in the application price. Ulthera is a procedure that can be performed on the entire face and applied to the desired areas. Accordingly, there are also changes in prices. For the clearest and accurate information, the selected areas of application should be determined first, and then the specialist doctor should be talked to.



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