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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Prices for French Hangers

Prices for the French Sling Method

The French Sling is a facelift without plastic surgery. It is the newest technological application in the aesthetic industry today. This application, which almost challenges plastic surgery, is a reliable and risk-free aesthetic application that can be completed in a very short time. It is performed without muscle and anesthesia. That’s where its reliability comes from. The French Hanger is an application that can be used for many years, which we can call permanent.

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To Whom Does the Dynamic Sling Apply?

If there is no excessive sagging and wrinkles on the skin of the French Hanger aesthetic, if there are wrinkles on the chin, cheeks, and forehead area, provided that they are not too deep, if you have reservations about surgical operations, if there are biological problems against allergic reactions to anesthesia, you can easily choose a French Hanger.


The aesthetics of the French Sling is not an operation, and therefore the surgical operation does not carry risks.
You can have all aesthetic procedures performed without anesthesia.
It is performed without the formation of blood, stitches, and incisions.
There are no traces of stains on the skin in any way.
The aesthetics of the French Sling does not carry any risks associated with surgical operations.
It can be applied to everyone without gender discrimination.
It does not affect muscles, so november are easily used. The natural structure of the face does not deteriorate.
It can be applied to anyone who has completed their physical development, but it is recommended to be done in people aged 30 and over.
Threads placed under the skin The threads can be stretched again after a certain time.
After the procedure is performed, the results are visible, and recovery occurs in a short time.

What Are the Aesthetic Disadvantages of a French Hanger?

We can say that there are no side effects and no reactions in the aesthetics of the French Hanger. But very rarely, if there is a skin type that shows sensitivity to the threads placed under the skin, it is not applied to these skin types. Face Lift aesthetics is recommended to be performed in elite aesthetic centers and by specialized doctors. It is best to study well and see the success rates of previous operations and the previous and subsequent states of photos as a result of stretching operations and make a decision.

Application of a Face Lift with a Rope

The appearance of wrinkles and sagging on the body and skin, depending on age, are signs of old age. However, today, aesthetic procedures performed as a result of technological developments completely eliminate the signs of old age. The aging of the skin depends not only on age. Due to the fact that some skin structures have disadvantages, poor environmental conditions, smoking, alcohol, and stress, the skin also ages. In both cases, skin aging is eliminated with this aesthetic application.

French Strap Face Lift Prices

Face lifting with a French strap is performed in many beauty and aesthetic centers. However, it is necessary to give preference to reliable, elite beauty centers that are experienced in this regard. Although a facelift with a Dynamic Sling is not a surgical operation, it is very important that the issue is thoroughly investigated and decided. At this point, the prices of French Hanger aesthetics vary according to the beauty centers where they are made.

How is a Face Lift Performed with a French Strap?

First of all, this practice is performed by experienced physicians. At the first interview, the doctor examines the structure of the face and finds out what the defects are. After that, the regions where the application should be performed are determined by marking these regions. The application of a French Sling with ropes known as lycra rope with antiallergic properties used in plastic surgery is made by stretching the ropes placed under the skin. According to the aging rate of the face, the doctor decides the size of the rope to be used and how many suspensions to be applied and applies it. General anesthesia is not performed because it is not a French-style operation. It is performed under local anesthesia in a short time without feeling any pain. The application is carried out dec about 40 minutes to 1 hour. It is possible to say that it is an alternative to plastic surgery because it allows it to be used for many years. Available for a maximum of 10 years, the facelift provides longer durability by stretching the strands dec decently when necessary.


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