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What Causes A Headache?

What Is Good For a Headache? How Does a Migraine Go? How is it Treated Without Medication? Herbal Remedies at Home

Several health problems, ailments, or similar troubles may occur from time to time in everyday life. Among these troubles, of course, are also headaches. Decongestants For some people, the problem of headaches that can be called chronic occurs instantaneously, while for some people, it happens instantaneously due to environmental factors or some biological conditions. For this reason, the topic of headache should be examined seriously. Issues such as why it occurs and what is good for a headache should be learned well.

What Causes A Headache?

Headache, which is an obstacle to work done during the day, affects people extremely badly and makes them exhausted, occurs for several reasons. At this point, all aspects of the causes of headaches should also be examined. Only in this way can permanent solutions be found and it becomes possible to get rid of this trouble.

Migraine; Environmental factors related to migraine that do not have a completely clear cause come to the fore. Although genetic factors are also effective here, it can be seen that different elements combine to cause headaches. Migraine is identified as a source of serious discomfort and headache. This disorder, which attracts attention due to the expansion of the brain vessels and their subsequent narrowing again, is also caused by causes such as stress, insomnia, noise, alcohol, or intense light.
Tension; This type of pain, which starts mostly in the back of the head and gradually affects the front part, can also affect the neck and the scalp. Tension-induced headaches are severe and annoying. In addition, this November, which is also seen as the most common type of headache during daily life, also occurs with stretching of the shoulder and jaw muscles. The stretched head and neck region based on head injury, action disorder, stress, and depression will reveal these severe pains. However, to continue to work for hours with a bad head position, looking in the same direction, constantly in the same place and spend long periods of irregular sleep disorders, sleep position, to be much more effort than usual, fatigue, sinusitis, also problems such as tension-type headache will create.
Adolescence; Headaches that occur mainly in young people between dec ages of 12 and 18 and are caused by youth also come to the fore. Along with environmental factors, psychological elements and biological changes can also be the cause of pain in this age range.
Cluster; Cluster for short, and cluster for long. This problem, called a cluster headache, sometimes becomes so severe that people wake up in pain from their sleep. This trouble can last even for several months. Among the most severe headaches, cluster headaches occur with the sudden release of serotonin and histamine dec. However, it is still not clear what this nuisance is related to.
On the other hand, headaches can also occur in those treated for cancer, those who have had brain surgery, those who have had brain tumor treatment, and similar disease treatments. They are more often called secondary headaches.


How to Get Rid of a Headache with Herbal Treatment Without Medication?

For the headaches experienced to pass, some precautions can be taken, and several applications can be made. Among these applications are the following Dec;

Walking Outdoors; It is possible to get rid of headaches by staying away from stress, tense environment, and taking in the fresh air. Jul: Walking outdoors is a good way to get rid of headaches by staying away from stress, tense environment, and at the same time. For this, outdoor walks are ideal. Many people can perform such walks during the day.
A Quiet and Dark Environment; Rest should be provided in a dark and quiet environment to ensure that you are least affected by sources of headaches such as migraines. In such conditions, you can lie down and relax.
Head Massage; It is good for the headache to massage from the temples to the forehead to the middle of the eyebrows and from the top of the nostrils to the edges of the eyes. This massage, performed by applying slight pressure and stretching the skin, will relieve the headache.
A hot shower is enough to take a hot shower to relax and relax the body. This way, the headache will ease. If you do not have the opportunity to shower, your feet can be put in a container filled with hot water, and then cold water can be put in the container until the water becomes warm. In this way, the feet removed from the warm water are dried, socks are worn, and put to bed. The head area will also relax by transferring the blood pumped to the brain to the foot area.
Cold Complex; It is important against headache to apply these materials to the forehead after a cloth soaked with cold water or an ice bag is obtained. For this reason, cold complex applications can be applied to various parts of the head.
Nutrition; As with any health issue, nutrition is effective against this problem. In particular, the consumption of pasta, fish oil, and bananas is touted as natural remedies against headaches.

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