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Alexandrite-Laser Hair Removal


Today, technological developments, especially in the field of health, are not accelerating. Laser hair removal is also one of them. Alexandrite-laser devices are known as slightly different (755nm) laser devices from others. Laser devices, in general, are not very different functionally when viewed. However, while the devices used in today’s laser hair removal give successful results in light-colored skin, the same results are not obtained in dark-brown skin. Alexandrite-laser devices give a successful result on the same but slightly darker skin types as for hair types.  Alexandrite is the most effective and suitable type of laser for medium-colored skin, provided that it is not too dark. It is held longer than other lasers in cases called melanin pigment. Thus, it acts on the hairs in the lower parts of the skin and reaches their roots. For this reason, it acts deeper than other laser devices, so it has the ability to be held longer on deep hair. The main reason why the Alexandrite-laser hair removal device is successful is that it affects the hair follicles much deeper than other devices.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

It is a procedure performed with devices that remove unwanted hairs and hairs from the human body. Although this situation seems to be a problem for women alone, nowadays, men do not get rid of hair in certain areas or prefer laser epilation to reduce it. Laser hair removal is usually the legs, arms, back, chest, face, bikini area. Laser epilation is the most preferred epilation because it is painless and painless. Redness after laser epilation disappears quickly does not spread over time, and is not permanent. Laser epilation treatment gives results in a much shorter time than needle epilation. Although it is necessary to apply a little more sessions in men, 4 -8 sessions are sufficient for women. There are many types of laser hair removal devices. Although the functional features of these devices do not differ much from each other, they differ in terms of the waves they apply to the hair follicles and the deeper they reach. Alexandrite-laser results in a shorter time than others in terms of hair type and skin types.

alexandrite-lazer uygulaması sonrası

Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal

Alexandrite-lasers, the application of which is called selective photothermolysis, are devices that provide selectivity in people with different skin colors. When applying the laser procedure, the energy applied to the area to be treated only works by shooting at the hair root, without affecting the surrounding tissue, without affecting the cell structure of the tissue, and without damaging it. Alexandrite-laser differs from others due to these characteristics. Because the optical wavelength is absorbed by melanin, it reaches the deep roots.

Who Can Not Be Treated with Alexandrite Laser Therapy?

People with gray and white hair are not suitable for Alexandrite-laser application.
People who have been in the sun and are tanned are also not suitable for Alexandrite-laser.
Those who have skin blemishes in the areas where the application will be performed and those who have blemishes that have formed after poorly performed laser treatment are also not suitable for this application.
Those who have a tendency to hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, that is, too dark skin and too light skin, are not suitable.

Some drug intake negatively affects Alexandrite-laser therapy. Those who use drugs containing tetracycline and retinoids should also indicate this condition before starting hair removal treatment. This drug begins to be used 1-2 months after the end of its use.

People taking drugs such as tetracycline or retinoids can, if possible, after consulting a doctor, begin Alexandrite-laser therapy.  V skin type, that is, dark brown skin, and VI, that is, patients with a black skin type, are not suitable for this hair removal treatment.

Preparation of the Patient Before the Alexandrite Laser

Alexandrite-hairs should not be removed and plucked in any way before laser treatment.
The day before epilation, the hairs should be shaved by the men’s method.
There should be no makeup on the face, and if any, it should be removed.
Do not sunbathe at least a month before the arrival of laser therapy, and do not use tanning methods such as a solarium.
What Are the Possible Problems That May Occur After Laser Hair Removal Treatment?
Alexandrite-after laser treatment, slight redness of the skin may occur. This condition is not permanent; it passes after a maximum of 3- 4 hours.
If high energy is applied, water-filled blisters may form on the skin. This condition is not permanent.
If there are pigmentation spots or age spots, these spots can be discolored. In some cases, these spots may disappear altogether.
Crusts may appear on the surface of the skin, which will disappear in a maximum of a week or ten days.


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