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Youth Vaccination

Youth Vaccine Application

Youth vaccine is an alternative to aesthetic appearance, old age concerns, and the pursuit of staying young in the long term. Aesthetic concerns are especially among the priorities of women. For years, these concerns and searches have never ended and increased. With the development of technology, more economical, painless, and painless methods form the center of human and more women’s lives in a much shorter time. The skin, being the largest body area, is the area most affected by negativities and where beauty is observed first. At the same time, the face is an important organ where beauty is expressed.

Reason for Youth Vaccination?

The aging of the skin is higher compared to other organs. Because it is the organ that is affected by all negativities. Adverse conditions and environmental factors affect skin aging. Exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, weather, environmental factors, infections, smoking, and tobacco habits are the most disadvantageous conditions for the skin. Hormonal factors are the most important factors that accelerate the menopause aging process. All organs, tissues, and cells in the human body are in circulation until 30. So they renew themselves. However, starting from the age of 30, the whole body, especially the skin, does not renew itself, and aging begins with each passing day, and regeneration does not occur. The aging movement, which starts in the 30s, accelerates after 40. The organ in which this situation shows its first effect is the skin. The skin area that is most and quickly affected by adverse conditions is the face, around the eyes, neck, and jowl. Skin aging manifests itself in brightness, elasticity, dryness, and thinning of the skin. The effect of gravity negatively affects the body, especially on the skin. Wrinkles appear. In short, the structure of the skin changes, and the quality of the skin deteriorates. One of the signs of skin aging is the decrease in facial fullness, change in skin color, loss of shine and elasticity, which is a sign of aging. The moist structure of the skin tends to dry out. When it starts to decrease in the 20s, the skin is adversely affected.

How is Skin Vaccination Made?

Youth vaccine is given by subcutaneous injection method. After this process, hyaluronic acid begins to revive in the skin. Along with this, elastin and collagen begin to be produced. As a result, the skin begins to revive and renew itself. Youth vaccine is a preparation suitable for all skin types and can be used easily and safely. It is applied to almost all parts of the face. It is applied to the forehead, around the eyes and crow’s feet, neck, jowl, arms, and hands.

For Which Regions Is The Youth Vaccine Produced?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that has existed since birth and renews itself until the age of 30, and is produced by the body. It is produced in a single region and from blood vessels to internal organs, from the skin to joints, and is necessary for all organs. The youth vaccine triggers the production of hyaluronic acid from the moment it is injected into the body, producing it rapidly. Thus, the first effects of this situation begin to be seen on the skin. The skin shines, its old elastic structure comes back. Triggering the body’s hyaluronic acid also activates collagen production, and the skin is incredibly rejuvenated. Hyaluronic acid, given under the skin in the form of external injection, triggers the hyaluronic and elastin cells by applying the cross-linking method. Youth vaccination application has been an aesthetic application in Europe and America for many years.

Who Can Get a Youth Vaccine?

It is applied to all skin types from the age of 20, provided that they are not under 20. One of the good and positive sides of the youth vaccine is that it does not contain side effects and reactive effects. The most important reason why the application of the youth vaccine does not cause side effects on the skin is that the substance given to the skin is identical to the substance contained in the body’s structure. The most commonly used areas of the youth vaccine are the face, neck, décolleté area, and hands.

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