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Ice Laser Hair Removal

Application of Ice Laser Hair Removal

Ice laser hair removal is the device that can get rid of unwanted hair most shortly and technologically. The market is also the most advanced of the implemented devices. They do not have seasonal priorities when they are needed. It can always be applied smoothly and reliably. Ice laser is effective on hair types, as different wavelengths are used for hair removal.

What is Ice Laser Hair Removal?

Ice laser hair removal, with prolonged treatment, cools the skin. The peculiarity of ice laser hair removal is that it cools the skin while burning the hair follicles. Thanks to this, no burns will occur on the skin. One of the most common reservations of people about hair removal is burns and spots on the skin. The ice laser application offers a technology that meets the expectations at this very point. Ice wave hair removal and the cooler, the comfort it offers in treatment, very successful results are achieved in the treatment of the most stubborn hair without distinguishing between light color and dark skin color.


Ice Laser Hair Removal Technology

The ice laser epilation system has a technology above all the epilation systems that have been around. Thanks to the cooling System, no pain or ache is felt. These features are one of the most preferred aspects of ice laser epilation. It has features that can be easily applied to all skin types. The System works as follows;

The Cooling System in the applicator eliminates the feeling of pain and pain.
It can be applied to all hair types, and the result is achieved as soon as possible. It has proven itself as a result of clinical studies and is used extensively in Turkey and the world today.

How Does Ice Laser Hair Removal Work?

Ice Laser performs comfortable hair removal thanks to the sapphire diode laser it contains. The system sends high heat to the hair root during application to cause sufficient damage to the hair follicle. The hair follicle, that is, the roots, absorbs the laser light, and by absorbing the laser’s light, the hair root is damaged. Even redness does not occur during the procedure.

About Ice Epilation Application

Ice Epilation has made a breakthrough in epilation in recent years. The only method used today is the Ice laser hair removal method. It directly targets different hairs in the hair follicles. The method targets different structures in the hair follicle and has different wavelengths, is the definitive solution for unwanted hair. Ice epilation targets much larger surfaces. Since it reaches the hair root in a very wide area each time it is shot, this method reaches the most hair follicles and causes the hairs to disappear in a short time. It takes less time than other epilation sessions. Whole-body ice epilation sessions take an average of 35-40 minutes. Sessions are short. Since the method is effective and responds to the treatment in a short time, the number of sessions is also less compared to other epilation types since it is highly effective. All hairs are finished in about six sessions. As a result of these six sessions, the hairs are completely gone.

Areas of Ice Epilation

The hairs that women have the most are found in the face area. Beard and mustache is the most disturbing condition for women. Especially the hair on the face area grows much faster than the hair on the other part of the body. This is because facial hair has much deeper roots. The hairs in the facial area should be examined, and appropriate shots should be made. It will not be possible to finish the hair follicles if the appropriate epilation is not selected for the facial hair. Ice epilation laser is the most successful epilation in this regard. Ice laser epilation is a method that allows you to get rid of all kinds of hair. Another important issue is that the person who will do the epilation is an expert in this branch and the hair ends in a short time.

Who Can Have Ice Hair Removal?

Ice laser epilation can be done in any season of the year with peace of mind. Only pregnant women are not suitable for laser epilation.

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