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What is Baby Face Beauty?

Baby Face Beauty

Babyface beauty is the general name of a skin resurfacing technique that uses Thulium laser beams with a wavelength of 1927nm. A new and younger look is achieved on the skin with this technique, which uses laser beams. The laser beam interacts with the skin and makes numerous micro-sized holes in the skin. The rays entering this hole through the pores penetrate to the very bottom of the skin, creating a rejuvenating effect. After the laser treatment, which goes to the top layer of the skin, is finished, the skin gets a brand new look.

The contents of ampoules delivered to the skin through micropores by laser beams include vitamins C and A, Tranexamic acid, stem cell-containing, and nano-particle-supported Lasemd, Resveratrol, as well as vitamins and ingredients that are deficient in the skin. Which of these ingredients will be applied is determined at the stage of analysis to be performed on patients. With this application to the skin, both the skin sees the benefit of the laser and benefits from the contents of the ampoules.

Stages of Application of Baby Face Beauty

Babyface applications generally consist of two different stages. At the first application stage, the pore is opened to apply the necessary nutrition to the skin. In this process, small pores are opened on the skin’s surface with the Thulium-effective laser. The skin is prepared for application with a laser device to make about 6 thousand micro holes per minute. While this process is taking place, on the other hand, the contents of the ampoules to be applied to the skin are prepared. The pore opening process is a process that takes approximately 5 – 6 minutes. After that, the second stage is started, and the special mixture ampoules needed by the skin are injected into the skin, and the skin is thoroughly nourished. After this procedure, the mask process is applied to the skin for about 8 – 10 minutes, and the process is terminated.

Baby Face Beauty Features That Distinguish It From Others

The main feature that distinguishes the babyface technique from other applications is that the liquids used in the ampoules are selected completely individually. There is no exact program in this method, which makes it possible to carry out special intervention for each patient in this way, and the patient’s skin completely determines the contents of the ampoule. In this way, the most successful results are obtained for each patient.
The babyface technique is an operation in a fairly short time. One session takes place in a total of 8-10 minutes. Daily life is not disrupted in this method, which does not need any anesthesia procedures. The patient can easily leave the session and participate in social activities.
The Babyface application does not require any special actions after the procedure. This method, which is easily preferred for all skin types, is limited to the techniques applied in the session.
Baby Face application does not leave any side effects and can be applied safely at any time of the year.

Areas of Use of the Baby Face Beauty Technique

Babyface beauty applications are the preferred application for most skin blemishes. Because it reduces the skin tones to a single color, people with spots on their skin often resort to this method. It is also often preferred for skin renewal and skin rejuvenation purposes. In addition to these October; The reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, effective skincare antioxidant, skin lightening and whitening procedures that include care antiaging, acne, and scars removal, removal of stretch marks on the skin, balance oil fix oily skin, shrink pores, editing in the neck area, jowl lifting face and neck rejuvenation procedures for many reasons such as the area, or baby beauty technique is used.

Baby Face Beauty Practice Sessions

Babyface application is a procedure that is applied with two-week periods. It takes 10 minutes in total for me to apply it twice a month. It is a procedure that takes 4 or 5 sessions, depending on the skin condition. As soon as the technique begins to be applied, a noticeable change in the skin is achieved in the first session. Babyface treatments are procedures that are suitable for all skin types. Babyface beauty application can be safely preferred for all kinds of problems that will occur on the skin, thanks to the laser beams that can eliminate all skin problems.

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