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What is a Bishectomy (Hollywood Cheek)?

In recent years, the plump cheeks are thinned, and the cheekbones are made more prominent with Bishectomy, a cheek thinning aesthetic brought to the plan with plastic surgery operation. Recently, sharp and inverted triangular-shaped faces have been thinned by surgical operation, which is considered to attract more attention. The operation called bishectomy is performed by removing the fat on the cheek. In this way, sharper facial features are provided.

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What is Cheek Thinning?

A bishectomy, also known as a Hollywood cheek, whose popularity has spread from Hollywood, is a cheek thinning operation. The triangular face and sharp facial contours provided by the bishectomy operation are. Bishectomy surgery is different from operations previously performed using a filling material and prosthesis. The operations performed today are performed by working on the cheeks. Bishectomy is a different and new method. The operation, which is performed quickly, is performed without a trace, giving the desired model to the cheeks. The operation can be performed under general or local anesthesia at the suggestion of the plastic surgeon.

Why Is a Bishectomy Performed?

There are two separate chewing points located on the face. In some people, the November fat pads located between these muscles are above dec normal size. This condition also makes the person’s face look plumper. By removing these pads with the operation called Hollywood Cheek, facial features become more prominent, and a more attractive image is obtained. It is recommended that the bishectomy surgery, physical development be completely completed and performed. This needs to be done to people aged 25 and over. Melting in the chewing muscles can be observed in the period from the onset of puberty to november 5 years.
For this reason, experts say that it is important for people aged 25 and over to have the desired results to the desired extent. A bishectomy is one of the simple operations performed quickly, although its name is surgery. However, the amount of fat should be taken at the level that will form a cheek and jaw triangle, and an experienced plastic surgeon can make this decision. Operation Hollywood Cheek is not an operation that will require staying in a hospital. The patient can continue his daily life with a few hours of rest.

Although they look cute, Collective faces can be aesthetically uncomfortable at a later age. People with round cheeks look as if they are very overweight, although they are not overweight. The fact that the facial contours are thin provides an aesthetically pleasing image. Bishectomy eliminates this image disorder with a very short-term operation. It provides a strong and youthful facial expression.

To Whom Can Cheek Thinning Aesthetics Be Performed?

Complete completion of physical development is a prerequisite for having a bishectomy surgery. This can also be applied to people aged 25 years and over. That is, the facial contours should be completely seated. Some people have high cheek fat ratios. Even if these people are not overweight, they look fat because of their plump faces. Cheek Thinning operation is a suitable operation for just such people. This operation, according to surgeons, is simple and easy. Of course, there is a risk in these surgeries and every surgery, but complications after surgery are not seen in this aesthetic. Such as pain and edema.

After Cheek Thinning Surgery

After resting in the hospital for 1-2 hours, those who have had a bishectomy surgery return home and can resume their daily lives the next day from where they left off. On the first day of surgery, solid foods are not taken due to lack of chewing. But on the third day, he can switch to his usual diet. The Hollywood Cheek operation is permanent. There are no changes in facial contours unless you gain a lot of excess weight. Another positive aspect of Cheek Thinning operations is its anti-aging effect. The bishectomy operation replaces the plump appearance on the face with more aesthetic, elegant, and prominent facial features. The image, also described as the inverted triangle, gives women a stronger, more attractive expression. Many operations, including plastic surgery, are currently performed with a minimum of incisions. Cheek Thinning is also one of them.

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