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What is a Scoop Ear Aesthetic?

What is a Scoop Ear Aesthetic?

Scoop ear is a very common problem in the world. It does not qualify as a disease because it does not pose a problem in the functions of the body. It’s just disturbing in terms of the image. Many people even become obsessed with scoop ears. For this reason, the scoop is the most common treatment method in the department of aesthetic ear surgery.

With the development of technology day by day, scoop ear operation is also taking place. Scoop ear aesthetics, which is a very simple operation, allows many people to have self-confidence. Many people feel excluded because they have scooped ears and become the subject of ridicule.

The Cause of the Scoop Ear

The scoop ear is an innate appearance. A scoop ear, which is completely genetically formed in a person, is permanent if an aesthetic operation is not performed. Especially if a person has a scoop ear in his parents or grandparents, grandmothers, grandfathers, the incidence rate increases even more. If the auricle is the ear, it is caused by the excess space between the dec of the back of the ear and the auricle.

Since the ear cartilage has a loose structure, a scoop ear is also formed. The flat appearance of the auricle is also one of the reasons for the decapitated ear. The main cause is genes, but these factors are also indicative of the formation of a scoop ear.

About Scoop Ear Surgery

During the periods when technology was not developing, the scoop ear caused great discomfort to people, but nowadays, it is possible to get rid of this problem with a small operation. Especially since school-age children are a matter of time, making this a big problem and creating psychological problems if treatment is not applied at the right time.

A scoop ear aesthetic is an operation performed by plastic surgery with almost no risk. Local or general anesthesia is applied according to the patient’s preference and convenience when performing a scoop ear aesthetic. Local anesthesia is more preferable because it is an aesthetic procedure. Scoop ear surgery takes an average of 1 hour and does not require hospitalization. When you have a scoop ear aesthetic, you can be discharged on the same day.

How Does the Problem Disappear?

It is an operation performed by correcting the ear cartilage according to the doctor’s specialty or according to other ailments. After the operation, a tape is glued to the ear, and these tapes are responsible for protecting the seams. For ears that heal on average in 10 days, it is necessary to stick an ear band for 1-2 weeks.

An incision is made behind the ear to treat the scoop ear, and this incision does not leave any scars at later times. During the operation, you will not have any problems with hearing in any way, and when the treatment process is completed, you can return to your routine life. If the scoop is followed by ear surgery, the healing process takes an average of 1 week. When the treatment process is over, the person gets the appearance he dreams about.

Bucket Ear Aesthetics Recovery Period

The healing time of the scoop ear varies from person to person and takes an average of 1-2 weeks. It takes this much time for the ear to fully take shape. But you can take a shower two days after the operation. But just in case, the ears need to be glued with ear tape. The recovery period also depends somewhat on the experience of the attending physician.

The recovery time of scoop ear treatment performed by specialists who do their job well is much less. If the medications given after surgery are also used regularly, the recovery period of surgery can be minimized. Not bathing for two days is also among the conditions dec for a quick recovery. In order for the stitches to boil, you should not touch your ears with water for at least two days.


Prices for Bucket Ear Aesthetics

Prices for scoop ear aesthetics vary from hospital to hospital. The experience of the doctor who will perform the operation, the quality of the hospital, and other factors affect the cost of the operation. It is useful to contact our doctor for detailed information about prices.

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