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What is Dimple Aesthetics?

What is Dimple Aesthetics?

Dimples are inherent in some people from birth. November fact, dimples, which are a genetic abnormality, are formed as a result of November’s short stay of the muscles (zygomaticus muscles). Nevertheless, they are able to create an aesthetically sympathetic or attractive image. But these congenital dimples lose their significance over time, depending on weight gain and loss or as age progresses.

Dimple aesthetics can also be done to make the dimples prominent and provide a more beautiful face and cheek appearance.  Of course, the simple operation, which is not only performed on the cheek area, is also performed on the dimples called venus at the hip ends.

What is a Dimple?

A dimple is usually defined as a congenital dimple that occurs as a result of short muscles November the side of the nose on the face. Although it actually seems to be a flaw, it has recently become the focus of attention of people who want beauty because it adds sympathy to the person. Thus, a type of aesthetics has emerged under the name of dimple aesthetics.

Dimple Aesthetics Before and During Surgery

Aesthetic surgeries for dimples will begin with the process of determining how the dimples will be formed within the scope of the process of going to the doctors first and examining them.

Before the dimple surgery, which manifests itself as a 30-minute operation, the examination process based on exactly which areas on the face and cheek the dimples will come out will manifest itself.

When creating a dimple surgically, the November that actually supports the tissue is damaged to ensure tissue collapse.

The new trend dimple aesthetics are created in two ways on the cheek;

Depending on the person’s desire, prominent dimples can be made continuously or cute dimples that only appear when you laugh.

Dimple aesthetics surgery is performed with local anesthesia. Dimple aesthetics surgery takes about an hour. The location of the dimples is determined dec the conversation between the patient and the surgeon.

With incisions made through the mouth, a piece of the oral mucosa (wet skin inside) and the cheek November are removed, and weakness is created there. Then the incision is sutured.

Although there may be some swelling in the area where the planting process is performed after the dimple aesthetics, this kind of discomfort will also disappear in a week. At the same time, the sewing threads will melt, and your dimples will appear clearly when you laugh.

It should be noted that the person who has undergone surgery consumes soft foods on the day of surgery. It is also quite normal to feel pain for several days. If you use antibiotics and pain medications that will be prescribed to you by your specialist doctor without interruption, these pains will also not be a problem.

Although dimple aesthetics is usually done in the face and cheek area, it is preferred in the butt and hip area.

Creating a Venus & Waist Dimple in the Hip Area

People who want to get a natural bend in the hip areas of their body can resort to such operations. Dimple formation, which is a type of aesthetic surgery, also comes into play with the Venus dimple; It is at a level that will also manifest itself with surgical interventions that will be performed on the waist, back, and hip. In this sense, surgical interventions are also necessary to achieve folds in the lumbar region in such a way that they have natural qualities.

The Venus dimple is a process that takes about 20 minutes. Subcutaneous adipose tissue is thinned with local anesthesia, resulting in a venus dimple. There is also no feeling of any pain during the operation.

Restoring the Dimple Aesthetics

One of the most important advantages of dimple aesthetics is to destroy the dimples at any time. If a person is not satisfied with their dimples or is bored, the dimples can be destroyed with a very small intervention. Sometimes the dimple does not happen as desired, or the person does not suit himself after a certain period of time. The return in such cases is quite easy.

The Risks of Dimple Aesthetics

As with any operation, there is a risk of infection and bleeding in dimple aesthetics surgery. For such cases, there are possibilities such as a small intervention or medication. In some operations, if the removed tissue is insufficient, there is also a risk that dimples will not form. It can also be the opposite; if the removed tissue is too much, there will be a constant collapse, which will lead to the appearance of an artificial one. But thanks to the developments experienced, these negatives can also be easily intervened with.

Edema and pain that occur after the operation are quite normal. However, if it persists for a long time, you should definitely contact your specialist doctor.

Prices for Dimple Aesthetics

According to the laws of the ministry of health, we cannot provide information about the prices of dimple aesthetics from here. If you want to know the detailed information or price, you can call or message.

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