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What is MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch

MonaLisa Touch eliminates the problems that cause sexual life and other disorders that begin with the menopause period in women. With menopause, weakening and deformation of the internal tissue called the mucous membrane occur in the vagina. In thickenings that occur after menopause, the vagina is restored with the application of the so-called vaginal atrophy. MonaLisa Touch is a procedure that solves this problem of women without the need for surgical intervention and is performed with a laser device. Many women who have experienced this deformation get both their health and healthy sex life with this treatment method.


What Ailments Does It Relieve?

MonaLisa Touch therapy is used not only for vaginal deformities but also to relieve urinary incontinence. This application is not an operation. But it should be done with confidence by doctors in the subject. Estrogen, which decreases with menopause, causes serious problems in women, especially in sexual life. Also called vaginal atrophy, the practice is that estrogen, which decreases with menopause, thickens the vaginal wall, making it open to infection. With the application of Vaginal Touch, the vaginal wall is thinned with a laser device, making it both healthy and increasing the function of the vagina. It also treats the problem of not having a healthy sexual relationship due to dryness that occurs during menopause in women. In addition, this method also treats unhealthy sexual relations that develop with dryness, tenderness in the vagina, loss of elasticity in the vagina.

What are the effects?

Deformations of the vagina occur due to many reasons, such as analysis, menopause, age-related deformation, births, genetic factors. MonaLisa Touch is a process of laser treatment using a nano-technology method without any surgical intervention. The most common complaints in menopausal women are vaginal dryness, thickening of the vaginal wall, vaginal rejuvenation, and urinary incontinence. Evaluating the condition of patients who come with these complaints, doctors decide whether vaginal atrophy can be done due to the examination. The doctor decides how december the application will be performed and how many sessions will be performed. The MonaLisa Touch application is an application that treats many complaints that occur in the vaginal area and has extremely successful results. The fact that it can be performed without surgical intervention allows the system to be preferred very much.

How is Laser Genital Rejuvenation Performed?

An important part of maintaining human life is healthy sex life. But a healthy sex life is possible with a healthy sexual organ. The vagina, the influence of age, hormonal changes during menopause, births eventually bring the functions of the vagina to an end. Vaginal atrophy treatment is a treatment that restores the functions of the vagina without requiring surgery. All these complaints are eliminated with the MonaLisa Touch application, i.e., laser beams.

Who is the Application Made for?

In women with complaints of vaginal atrophy who have or have not had menopause
In women who have complaints of burning and itching, irritation, dryness in the vagina
In cases of feeling pain during sexual intercourse
In urinary incontinence
Vaginal atrophy is treated for complaints such as excessive urination, tightness, burning when urinating.

Can Monalisa Touch Be Used for Vaginal Laxity?

Relaxation in the vagina is a condition of the coat of arms of the vaginal canal. A loose vagina, although it depends on age, also occurs after childbirth. Laser therapy gives extremely successful results in complaints of loose vagina.

What are the Expectations As a Result of Monalisa Touch Treatment?

It is one of the results that the vaginal wall becomes healthy by thinning after MonaLisa Touch treatment. The elimination of vaginal dryness caused by menopause ensures that the functions of the vagina are fulfilled. A healthy sex life with decreased burning sensation and dryness occurs after treatment. Laser treatment is a condition in which the functions of the vagina, also called vaginal rejuvenation, is restored. The treatment shows its effect in 1-2 weeks. The period of literally getting results from treatment is a maximum of 2 months.

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