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The Nose Filler Guide

The Nose Filler Guide

Another name for non-surgical nose surgery, nasal filling, is called a kind of aesthetic operation. In nasal filling operations, tissue injection is performed into the patients’ noses without the need for surgery. With this procedure applied to give volume, the nose gets a new look. Injecting procedures applied in many different regions in the face area are widely preferred in the lips and all parts.


What is a Nasal Filling?

Nasal decantation is the process of injecting a filling into the nose for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. After the nose is filled with this tissue, the areas determined by the joint decision of the patient and the doctor are squeezed with anesthetic creams to ensure that the nose acquires a new structure. This process takes approximately 10 minutes.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty With Nasal Filling

With these operations, a new nose is obtained so that there are no traces left. Patients who do not want to have surgery can get the new noses they dream of with nose filler operations. The operation, which should take place in a surgical environment, is a highly preferred aesthetic intervention because it is performed with a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee.

In other words, problem areas in the filling application, which is a kind of shaping process, are detected, and tissue reinforcement is applied to these areas in a balanced way. In this way, a flattering view is obtained when viewed from the outside.  The injection process, which is quite simple, continues to be injected until the patient likes his new appearance.

Who Can Have a Nose Job Done?

Nose filler applications are operations that can be performed on all individuals who have completed their technical development. There is an age limit of at least 18 years since the nose must completely complete its evolution. Every individual who has passed the age limit can apply for this application without the upper age limit.

Prices for Nose Fillers

Nose filling operations that do not require aesthetics are practices that must necessarily be performed by physicians in specialized clinics. Otherwise, bending and changes in the structure of the nose can be observed, even if there are no scars left. In order to achieve definite success and remain possible from the results, it is necessary to conduct detailed research and contact professional clinics before applying.

Nasal filling applications can be made at very affordable prices. In applications where the quality of the injected fillers is important, the number of materials to be used is an important criterion affecting the price. In general, due to affordable price conditions, nose dec applications are among the most frequently preferred aesthetic operations today.

Is Nasal Filling Harmful?

Nasal filling operations do not pose any health problems. Due to the lack of surgical intervention, the body does not face any danger in any way. In order for the application alone to achieve full success and not to threaten health, the preferred filling materials should be preferred from absolutely harmless filling materials. There are many second-hand filling materials on the market in this sense. These fillers, which find buyers at half the price of zero filler at cost, can lead to serious health problems on the skin in the following periods. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the filling materials that the clinic that will perform the application will use.

How Permanent Is the Nasal Filling?

Nasal filling operations are not permanent operations due to the fact that the filling material is not one hundred percent permanent. The quality of the filler material preferred in the application directly affects the duration of the application’s persistence. Filling materials, which are short-term and offered at an affordable price, lose their effect after a short period of time. It is possible to extend the retention period further by choosing filling materials that create a more permanent effect.

One of the good things about this application is that it has a reversible feature. If the patient is not satisfied with the result, it is possible to cancel the re-injection procedure.

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