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Cold lipolysis, also known as cool shape, is the application that allows fat cells to be frozen naturally and eliminated from the body. The difference between liposuction surgeries is that there is no surgical procedure, the cost is low, there are no side effects, and the time to return to daily life is short. For these reasons, lipolysis applications are becoming more attractive.

How to Apply Cold Lipolysis (Coolshape)?

During the application of cold lipolysis, special Coolshape pads are placed in the area where lipolysis will be applied, and the heads of the device are placed in these areas. The fatty tissue in the area where the slimming is aimed is pulled into the Coolshape heads, and the extracted adipose tissue is cooled to a maximum of -10 degrees. (The cooling process is not felt by the person to whom it is applied and does not damage or affect any tissue other than the targeted fat cells.) The process takes about 1 hour for each field.

The Process After Cryolipolysis Application

After applying cold lipolysis, Coolshape heads freeze between 20 and 40 Dec of the adipose tissue it contains. Frozen fat cells lose their function, and after 1.5 weeks, fat cells that have lost their part begin to be excreted from the body naturally. This process of excretion continues for four months. Since frozen fat cells cannot be regenerated, regional thinning and shaping become permanent in application.

To Whom Can Cold Lipolysis be Applied and What are the Reasons for its Preference?

In other words, the COOL SHAPE cold lipolysis method can be applied to men and women of all ages; it is especially preferred by our patients who have an intense work pace, have little time, and have regional thinning problems. The fact that the Coolshape application is painless, painless, and only one session is also one of the reasons why it is preferred. Thanks to the application of cold lipolysis, regional lubricants that cause deformities are eliminated without surgery.

At the same time, in cases where it is not possible to achieve the goals in the areas where thinning is desired with efforts such as sports and diet (in non-playing joints; such as the arm-base-bra band area), the cool shape device meets all the regional thinning requirements in the region where it is applied.

The Coolshape application is applied to no more than three regions in a day. According to the fat content and the problem in the application area, the application is repeated no earlier than at the end of 1 month.

  • To Whom Cold Lipolysis ( COOL SHAPE ) Can Not be Applied?
    Pregnant Women
    Those who have an open wound at the application site
    Those with Raynaud’s syndrome
    patients with cryoglobulinemia, people who have just had a heart attack
    Those with pacemakers
    those under the age of 18
    People with diabetes and people with impaired blood circulation
    People whose bodies cannot handle a sudden change
    People with severe liver and kidney failure

It should not be applied. It is necessary to contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-How does the patient feel during cold lipolysis treatment?

We have already shared all the processes with you at the beginning of our article. There is no reason to worry about this.

During the treatment of cold lipolysis, the patient can read a book, newspaper, or magazine, check their e-mail. Our advice is that you should even take a short nap and rest by closing your eyes during our cold lipolysis treatment. Sit back, relax and say goodbye to the oils you can’t get rid of!

2- How does the patient feel after cold lipolysis treatment?

Since cold lipolysis treatment is completely non-surgical, the patient can immediately return to normal activities. If he has a sports appointment, he can go. If he needs to go to work, he can easily go. After applying cold lipolysis, no pain and soreness is felt in any way.

3-Do I need to do any diet or exercise program after cold lipolysis treatment?

After cold lipolysis treatment, the patient is unlikely to do any sports or diet after thinning the skin. But patients are more motivated after the high satisfaction they receive after treatment and want to keep their shape. For this reason, it is observed that they want to start playing sports and live healthier and always maintain their shape. We also recommend that you play sports and keep sports as a part of your life in terms of your health.

4- What are the Harms of Cold Lipolysis?

People who have been treated may feel discomfort and pain for a short time. In addition, there is no pain or pain during the application process. Another issue that people should not forget is that numbness, pain, redness, and cramps may occur in the cooled area. The drowsiness in question can make its effect felt for several weeks. We recommend that you contact your doctor for problems that last longer than this.



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