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Fractional Laser

What is a Fractional Laser?

Fractional laser is one of the laser devices produced with the latest technology to treat skin cells. Recently, fractional laser is one of the most preferred methods because of its high therapeutic effect and dec side effects. According to the results of clinical use in America, the most important feature of the laser used since 2004 with FDA approval is that it has an effect that reduces or eliminates existing deformations without creating a scar.

For What Purpose Is the Fractional Laser Applied?
Elimination of wrinkles
Treatment of acne and acne scars
Elimination of irregularities and looseness in the structure of the skin
Elimination of scars and surgical scars
Elimination of cuts and burn marks
Removal of benign masses formed on the skin with fat deposits formed around the eyes
Prevention of facial sagging and treatment of stretch marks
Treatment of vascular problems

To eliminate such problems, fractional laser therapy can be applied.


How is the Fractional Laser Applied?

Before application, the skin must first be cleaned.

If makeup is on the face, it is cleaned and thoroughly wiped with solutions to prevent infection and ensure sterilization.

A cream is applied for local anesthesia to reduce pain (optional).

Protective glasses are worn to protect against laser beams.

High application of laser energies to the skin in columns has an effect by causing damage to the skin. Skin tissue; In the face of damage caused by any reason, it immediately activates the healing mechanism. Proliferation, contraction of intact tissues that remain between the columns, decayed, tries to close around the damaged tissue. Thus, rapid healing of damaged skin occurs.

Since the skin’s sensitivity to the sun’s rays will increase after fractional laser application, applications are recommended in autumn and winter with a general approach.

To whom can it not be applied?

In people with any skin infection at the site of application,
In people with a weak immune system or who use cortisone and drugs that weaken the immune system
In pregnant and lactating women
In cancer patients and people undergoing cancer treatment
If six months have not passed after drug treatment in people who have used and used medications to treat acne. (it can be applied if six months have passed.)
It is not recommended for people who use blood thinners. Approximately 7-10 days should elapse after the cessation of use.
Due to the risk of spots in patients with very dark skin.

How Long Does Fractional Laser Application Take?

The processing time is Dec 20-60 minutes. But about an hour after the procedure, the skin needs to be soothed. In other words, an average of two hours of time should be allocated for the operation.

According to the complaint situation, treatment can be in December at intervals of 3-8 weeks with a minimum of 3-5 sessions.

What Should I Pay Attention to Before Fractional Laser Treatment?

The skin must be clean and hygienic. Jul. Before the fractional laser, the skin should not have undergone any procedures. There should be no irritation. If you have no idea, you can consult your doctor about whether a fractional laser can be applied to your skin.

The Process After Fractional Laser Application

After this application, there may be slight redness and swelling that will last for several days on the face. But the patient can immediately resume his daily life. She can wear makeup the next day. A light tan may remain on the applied skin for several days. Although its effect is visible immediately after laser application, collagens, which are the name given to a kind of fibrous protein found in the human body, can take 2-3 months to repair themselves.

Complaints after the operation are mild and temporary. A feeling of sunburn can be felt for about an hour after the procedure. Light moisturizers can be used after fractional laser. Cooling with ice packs can be useful if there is swelling on the face. After fractional laser, decapitation should be avoided from 6 months to 1 year, and sunscreen should be used.

Are there any side effects of Fractional Laser therapy?

Below are some of the side effects in fractional laser applications. However, the incidence of side effects is quite low.

Temporary or permanent staining,
An attack of acne,
An attack of herpes infection,
Infection, Scarring

Fractional Laser Prices

Fractional Laser application differs in price depending on where it is performed. However, it Costs Between 200-300TL per Dec.

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