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What Is Lipocel?

What Is Lipocel?

Especially ladies are in a hurry to lose weight when it comes to summer. In general, women or men who are trying to lose weight fast are unwittingly inviting many health problems.

Many men and women had to resort to methods such as liposuction and laser lipolysis, which is a surgical intervention because they could not prevent their lubrication in certain areas despite diet and exercise. Now there is a scalpel-free remedy for regional thinning.

One of the most popular methods of recent times without performing the surgical procedure with high-intensity ultrasound applied with the method of energy defined as the destruction of fatty tissue under the skin in a single session with a 30-minute operation lipocel technique with the physique by getting rid of fat you want you can achieve.

lipocel device.

Things to Consider Before Taking Lipocel

Ask your dermatologist if you are suitable for Lipocel.

It is necessary to check whether your body mass index is appropriate.

It is not applied in people with very excessive weight. For people who complain about their regional fat, lipocel is suitable.

Care is taken that the fat thickness of the person who will be applying the lipocel technique does not exceed 1 cm.

Who Can’t Have Lipocel Done
People with a Body Mass Index of over 30%
Pregnant women, those who are likely to become pregnant,
Those who use blood thinners,
People who have loose tissue due to weight loss
It is not appropriate for people with burns and scars to have this application.
Who Is Lipocel Suitable For?

Lipocel is suitable for people who want to get rid of their stubborn fat, which does not decrease even with regular exercise and healthy eating. Fat cells are targeted and destroyed. It does not cure obesity. In order to achieve the best results, patients should follow a healthy diet and exercise program after their treatment.

Treatment Areas
Body Shaping
Cellulite Treatment
Lumbar region,
Other areas where there is fat under the skin with a thickness of at least 1 cm.
Social Life After Lipocel

The lipocel technique in no way negatively affects your life in any way.

The Lipocell method is an operation that will not restrict your life. After short-term sessions, the patient can do their daily work without interruption and return home after the procedure.

What Is the Duration of the Lipocel Technique And The Subsequent Process Like?

After treatment, temporary swelling and redness may appear at the site of application. After treatment, it may be desirable to perform some exercises. More positive results are obtained from treatment with exercises. It is possible that after a while after the swellings, you will see their effect more clearly. It is seen that those who want to lose weight thin out their body in a short time thanks to this method.

Are There Any Side Effects of Lipocel?

Lipocel is a safe and effective application and is supported by research. It does not damage the tissue and skin in the treatment area. Due to the fact that Lipocel therapy is non-invasive, no period of rest is required.

During the treatment period, patients may experience tingling, pain, a feeling of warmth, or cold. Rarely, after treatment, there may be temporary redness, bruising, discomfort, or swelling in the treatment area. However, these signs and symptoms will disappear by themselves after a short time.

Lipocel Prices

The fees of Lipocel application vary depending on the clinic or beauty salon where it is performed. The average Lipocel prices vary between 100 TL and 300 TL if you can’t dec a price exactly.

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