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The Guide to Cheekbone Filler

Cheekbone Filler

Decollete applications to the cheekbone have become very popular among women in recent years. For the facial area to be in harmony with the cheekbones, the preferred cheekbone applications are applied to the skin with fillers that have a natural appearance. In applications intended to make the facial features and cheeks whole, all kinds of factors related to aging are also prevented.

What Is a Cheekbone Filler?

Cheekbone applications are the processes of injecting natural fillers from under the skin into the cheek area. The fillers preferred by the skin are carefully applied to the designated points on the face, and the cheek area is given a more even appearance. Thus, the cheek areas that collapse in the face area gain volume.

Is the Cheekbone Filler Harmful?

Filling applications applied to give prominent features on the cheekbones do not involve any risk in any way. Hygienic procedures are subject to a simple injection system. In cases where all kinds of sterile preparations are made in the environment where the procedure will be performed, no allergic conditions await people during or after the operation.

Prices for Cheekbone Filler

Cheekbone filler applications vary depending on the filling process to be applied. These operations, usually performed at quite affordable prices, are one of the preferred applications quite often today.

Who Can Have a Cheekbone Filling Done?

In areas called the cheekbone of the face, collapses and crashes can occur due to various biological changes. As a rule, in rapid weight gain and weight loss cases, significant changes occur on the skin. As a result, people need to have a filling for the cheekbone and get a more beautiful appearance. In addition, downward sagging that appears on the skin depending on age over time is another important reason that pushes people to filler operations. The preferred applications are recommended safely to achieve balance on the face because they are not harmful to health.

Because cheekbone applications do not require any surgical procedures, they can be safely preferred. Any healthy person who thinks that there are problems in the face area may prefer this application. Quite successful results are achieved with the application lasting 10 – 15 minutes.

How Permanent Is the Cheekbone Filling?

Operations to plump up the cheekbone are not operations that have the property of being permanent. The tissues’ cheekbones, which are made noticeable, return to their former state when the fillings lose their function over time. Therefore, it is necessary to repeat the procedure at certain periods.

The quality of the fillings to be preferred for the application is important. The quality of these fillers completely determines the duration of their persistence. The fillings that will be preferred with high quality are the product groups approved by the Ministry of Health and have a long-term persistence feature. In comparison, fillings produced at a cheap cost tend to lose their effect on the skin in a very short time.

Alternative Applications of Cheekbone Filler

In operations for plumping the cheekbones, injecting adipose tissue is used as an alternative to filling materials. With this method, the self-taken fatty tissues of the person are injected back into the problem areas. Compared to external tissue supplements, this application provides longer durability. The only difference between this procedure and other tissue injections is that operations are to be performed in the operating room. This application, which does not carry the risk of allergies, is performed by surgical intervention.

Another alternative method is synthetic implants obtained from combining several different substances. It is possible to have a permanent operation with implant applications that are most effective on the dim bones located in the cheekbone area. Although this application contains negative effects such as infection, it is of interest because it carries a lifelong permanence if it is done once.

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