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How is Stem Cell Therapy Performed on the Face?

Stem Cell Therapy for the Face

Stem cell therapy for the face is an application that provides a youthful appearance today to delay aging and prevent the effects of aging. Stem cell therapy applied to the face gives the skin youth, vitality, and elasticity. In addition, the removal of pigmentation spots and spots formed after acne is possible with stem cell therapy applied to the face.

How is it applied?

First, stem cell therapy should be performed in a clinically sterile environment and by specialists. Physicians should definitely perform the application since it is performed by giving local anesthesia or mild sedation. Since the procedure is a short-term treatment, the patient can continue his daily life after the procedure.

How long will it take?

Before starting treatment, a sufficient amount of oil is taken from the patient. The received oils are enriched for about an hour. The next part is injecting the stem cell into the skin. In total, the process will be completed within 1.5- 2 hours.

How much is it used for?

Stem cell therapy applied to the face is used for 2-3 years. However, some small operations are performed to increase the effects of the decoy operation from time to time. Carefully following the recommendations given after the treatment application prolongs the permanence of the treatment. The complete results of stem cell therapy applied to the face are about one month. Every day, stem cells renew themselves, and this period is increased to a maximum of 3 years.

How Is It Applied?

Stem cell therapy for the face is performed under anesthesia, and the person’s oil is removed with the help of cannulas. The received fat is processed in the same place, and rich stem cells are created. It is applied by injecting a sufficient amount of stem cells into the necessary areas of the face. After application, the fullness and brightness on the face are immediately noticeable. It takes about one month to get the results. After one month, the patient’s face looks proportional, radiant, and very young. The most commonly used rejuvenation method in aesthetic plastic surgery is facial stem cell therapy. It can be applied safely and conveniently to everyone, regardless of gender, aged 30 years and over.

What Kind of Benefits Does It Bring?

With the progression of age, our face begins to weaken and age in tissues. With aging, cells begin to die, and their number gradually decreases. Due to this, sagging skin also occurs. Stem cell therapy applied to the face is one of the most reliable and healthy methods of rejuvenation without the need for surgical intervention and in terms of its results. Stem cell therapy applied to the face prevents deformation and loss of tissues over time, and the aging rate slows down. After injecting stem cells allows the skin to rejuvenate every day and the tissues to rejuvenate. At the end of the treatment, the patient will have ideal facial measurements and young skin. There are no restrictions on facial expressions in stem cell therapy applied to the face. The expression certainly does not change. Stem cell therapy applied to the face is not a facelift and wrinkle removal application. Stem cell therapy is applied under the skin to return the skin to its previous functions, and this vitality continues for many years. Even if the stem cell treatment applied to the face is not repeated at the end of 2-3 years, the skin will never become the old, old image.

What Are the Main Causes of Aging of the Face?

Aging of the face is a condition in which the cheekbones and chin shrink and go back over time, rather than wrinkles. As these arcs shrink, the skin finds space and sags under the influence of gravity. Stem cell therapy is the process of recovering and reviving deficiencies that develop depending on the person’s age. Although the effect of stem cell therapy decreases by 50% within 2-3 years, the application is permanent for life.

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