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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

In some cases, the breast may develop larger than usual. In some cases, this condition, which manifests itself genetically, causes a person to have a breast larger than his body. Or, in the case of pregnancy, the growing breasts may remain large after birth. The use of hormone drugs is also another condition that allows the breasts to grow.  The fact that the breasts are larger than usual causes diseases in many cases. Therefore, by reducing the breasts to a large size, the patient gets rid of many negative situations.

What Should I Pay Attention to in Breast Reduction Surgery?

It should be known what kind of opinion the patient has before the operation. There are no limits to breast reduction surgery. Deciding on a breast so that it is completely in direct proportion to the body shape, it is necessary that the patient has very good communication with the doctor and clearly tells the doctor what he wants.  The breast consists of fairly complex issues in a general sense.  In the operation that takes place, the necessary tenims for a healthy breast are applied in this way, taking into account the possible growth condition of the breast. Although a number of scars occur during breast reduction operations in which different techniques are applied to each person, these jobs disappear over time. After the breast reduction operation is performed, the breast can restore its normal function. No problems arise due to breast reduction surgery in natural processes such as breastfeeding.

Patients who have a very large chest structure should have surgery consciously because it carries a risk because the reduction rate in large breasts will be quite large. In some patients, there is a risk of losing breastfeeding functions depending on the reduction rate.  Large breasts are risk-bearing operations in every sense.

The Process that Develops After Breast Surgery

A number of pains occur after breast reduction surgery. In addition to being controlled with regular painkillers, it is also possible to relieve pain by making cold compresses on the area with the effect of ice. After breast surgery, she is discharged from the hospital in a one-day process. The patient is discharged with a special athlete bra worn after surgery. In the next week, the patient is recommended to rest.  The area where water should not be touched for the first 3 days is 4. it can be washed from day one.  After two weeks, surgical sutures can be removed. The use of the athlete-athlete gives the patient confidence, and he can continue his normal life.

Things to Consider After Breast Surgery

The next three days after the breast reduction operation should be spent with absolute rest in the process. Pain relievers that will be used regularly are effective for relieving surgery pain. For the first month, it is necessary not to lift heavily and not to strain the arms. Any push or pull also creates risk-bearing elements. The bra given after surgery should be used continuously for a month.  In the process after surgery, swelling and edema appear on the breasts for the first month; this is normal. After the bulges that will pass over time, the chest will return to its normal appearance. In total, in a year, the breast becomes what it should be.  It is forbidden to do sports for two or three months in breast operations where it is convenient to remove stitches after two weeks. It is not recommended to smoke during the one-month period after surgery because smoking causes destruction in the area due to the fact that it will kill the cells that need to be regenerated.

Breast Reduction Surgery Prices

Breast reduction operations are not an operation that costs too much. It is an aesthetic intervention that can be performed in many hospitals due to its affordable price options. In order to get a successful result from the operation, it is necessary to conduct the necessary research and choose clinics with specialized teams. Breast reduction operations are an operation that has different prices in each clinic. The time and price of the operation are determined according to the reduction rate to be performed on the breast.


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