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Prices for Bishectomy

Prices for Bishectomy Surgery (Fees)

Bishectomy is an aesthetic operation in which intra-cheek fat is removed to sharpen the facial contours and have a thinner appearance. The bulk of the cheeks makes the person look more overweight than he is. With a bishectomy, this image turns into a face structure with thin lines. This image, which is provided in an inverted triangle, makes people look younger and more attractive. A bishectomy operation is an operation that can be performed in a short time with experienced surgeons. The fact that the procedure is short-term and not a heavy process has led to an increase in those who have had a bishectomy in recent years. A bishectomy is a november in the muscles that allow chewing. In short, the cheekbone is made more prominent, and the facial contours are made more evident. Bishectomy removes fat november in the chewing muscles, forming sharp lines on the face. Bishectomy prices vary. The place of the procedure and the doctor are the determining factors in this regard.


Hollywood Cheek & Bishectomy

In recent years, the process of removing cheek fat, which is the most preferred type of face of Hollywood stars, has become increasingly common in our country, and the number of those who have had a bishectomy is currently increasing. Thin and sharp facial features provide a person with an elegant, strong, and aesthetic image.

What is a Bishectomy Operation? How Does It Work?

Bishectomy surgery is an operation that plastic surgeons perform easily and in a short time. Before deciding to have the surgery, it is necessary to contact an experienced and successful surgeon who will perform this procedure. The recommendations of the doctor’s advice in the functions performed taking into account the model demands of the person are a much more important issue to be considered. The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. It is performed by removing the fat november on the chewing muscles proportional with a small incision in the mouth. The procedure is carried out in 30 minutes to 45 minutes. Since the incision will remain inside the cheek during the bishectomy operation, there is no trace from the outside. As with all surgeries, there is slight pain and swelling after the bishectomy, but this condition completely disappears within a maximum of 3 days. Suppose oral cleaning is performed following the doctor’s recommendations. In that case, recovery will be rapid, and there will be no risk of infection. after 3-4 weeks, the wounds will heal completely, and the desired face line will appear.

The Process Should Be Considered After Bisektomi

Oral hygiene is extremely important after the bishectomy procedure is performed. According to the doctor’s recommendations, gargling treatment and brushing your teeth should be done regularly. It is susceptible to infection due to an intraoral wound. The most serious complication is infection. For this, the doctor’s recommendations should be applied very carefully. Since the suture applied to the mouth consists of threads compatible with the tissue and can melt, it is poured as soon as it heals on its own. There is also no action taken for this. Since there will be difficulty chewing after surgery, attention should be paid to consuming juicy and soft foods.

The Ratio of Gold in the Face and Bishectomy

Aesthetics has been the focus of people’s attention in all fields. It is a much more cared for by more sculptors and painters. The concept of the golden ratio, known to artists and philosophers, appeared by mathematical calculations and has become a concept that professional groups and artists related to fine arts have taken into account. The golden ratio concept is an element that complements the concept of aesthetics today. Painters, sculptors, and Artists create works taking into account the measures of the golden ratio when creating a portrait of a person. The concept of the so-called golden ratio is the ratio between the person’s facial features. People whose facial features have a golden ratio measure are much more aesthetic and attractive at first glance. Inverted triangle face, which is desired to be provided in the bishectomy operation, is an operation developed following the application of the golden ratio.

Who Is Given Cheek Fat Removal Aesthetics?

The bishectomy procedure is performed on people who have completed the age of 25, who have completely completed their physical development and have a chubby face. However, they are not overweight, to anyone uncomfortable with the appearance of their cheeks.

Bisektomi Needs To Be Done Before They Can Be Placed

Before deciding on a bishectomy, the removal of fat from the cheeks, be sure to consult with the doctor you consider having this procedure done. Although you have decided to have a bishectomy, all kinds of health need to be examined and make this decision with the doctor. Having an intraoral aphthous or herpes is important in such intraoral operations. The doctor must make the final decision.

Prices for Bishectomy (Fees)

It would not be right to give a price for this application. The prices of bishectomy vary a lot from doctor to doctor and the place where the surgery will be performed.


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