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Thulium Laser

Thulium Laser

In recent years, technological developments in the fields of beauty, aesthetics, rejuvenation have reached the highest levels. Especially aesthetics and dec appearance, which is among the issues that women care about the most, are also developing this sector. Aging of the skin, especially at the age of 30 and later, is of great interest to women in particular. Developments in this regard are extremely interesting in order to preserve the youthful image.  Thulium laser application is a treatment beyond dreams that provides reduction of wrinkles, compression of open pores, skin regeneration, and smooth skin. Thulium treatment, also called Baby Face Beauty, is a form of application that shows its effect immediately after application, and its bright and young appearance is immediately noticeable. A few days after the application, the treatment achieves its full purpose and gives results.

Application of Thulium Laser

Especially the sunspots on the face that occur in the summer season become much darker with the summer season and make the skin look bad. Many people are not particularly successful at protecting their faces from sunspots.  On the upper skin, called the epidermis, which forms the uppermost part of the skin, freckle-shaped or wider spots are formed. One of the methods that allow you to get rid of these spots and is extremely successful in this regard is the treatment of thulium. This method eliminates all the spots that form on the skin with the regeneration of the skin.

Which Skin Is the Thulium Laser Suitable For?

Thulium laser application is a successful method that is applied to both men and women. The most preferred and appreciated side of the application is that there is no redness, bruising, and blistering on the skin after the procedure.  There is no waiting stage for the treatment that is started to be used from the moment it is done. During the procedure, a serum called resveratrol is used at the time of administration.

How is Thulium Laser Application Performed?

Before starting the application, a skin analysis is performed to determine whether the skin needs such an application. Then, the structure of the skin is examined, and special serums are prepared according to the skin type, and the application is carried out. It is an extremely simple, painless procedure that does not require anesthesia. By making tiny shots with a laser, the channels of the skin are opened, and the special serum applied is delivered to the lowest layers of the skin. The procedure, which is performed one-week dec, is completed in a total of 4 sessions. The first three sessions are december at frequent intervals, and the last session is held a month later. It’s been 15 minutes. At the end of the session, you will immediately notice the extraordinary change in your skin.

In Which Cases is the Thulium Laser Effective?

Thulium therapy is successfully used not only for spots on the skin, but also for opening wrinkles, reducing them, lightening the skin and eliminating spots, tightening large pores, treating pigmentation.

Advantages of Thulium Laser Therapy

First of all, it is extremely advantageous that Thulium therapy is applied in a very practical and short time, with no side effects. The application is performed by reliable, qualified cosmetologists. If desired, it is also applied with local anesthetic creams. Although there is a slight pain and burning sensation at the end of the application, this condition passes in a very short time. After the application is over, crusts form on the skin in the form of very small brown tiny dots. These crusts pass by themselves in a maximum of 10 days. Interfering with the crusts affects the positive outcome of the treatment. Thulium laser treatment sessions end at the end of at least 1 session and at most 4 sessions depending on the skin’s need. The number of times the sessions will be repeated is decided by the specialist who performs the application.

What Are the Rules to Be Followed at the End of the Application?

As with any application, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of a specialist or doctor when using thulium. Never interfere with the crusts that will form after the procedure by hand, the face should never become fibrous during the shower. Protecting the skin from the sun is very important, especially after such and such stain-removing procedures.


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