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Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

Stem Cell Therapy for Hair

The introduction of stem cells into life in many areas promises extremely great prospects from a long-term point of view. Stem cells, especially those used in the field of dermatology, are rapidly increasing their importance and demand for this treatment in terms of the results obtained in the treatment of hair diseases. In addition to skin rejuvenation in stem cell therapy, one of the most commonly used treatments is hair stem cell therapy. One of the most successful methods of treating hair loss is hair stem cell therapy. Studies have shown that the most common cause of hair loss is due to insufficient nutrition of the hair follicles. This condition also leads to baldness in the long term. It is not possible for hair transplantation methods to be successful unless the nutrition problem of hair follicles is eliminated. Stem cell therapy is becoming extremely important at this very point. By enriching the oils taken from the patient himself and injecting them back into the patient, the hair follicles are fed and baldness is permanently eliminated.



Advantages of Stem Cell

In stem cell treatments, the success rate of hair transplantation treatments is increased to a higher level by providing nutrition to the tissues. As a result of obtaining rich oil from the patient’s fat, the treatment is compatible with his tissue without any foreign and external chemicals, making the results successful and safe. After the hair transplantation, which is applied after the stem cell treatment, the hair follicles are revived, nourished and the wounds are healed quickly because they are their tissue. After these procedures, the hair is fed and held tighter, and the risk of shedding is eliminated.

Healthy And Full Hair

While most of the people who have had stem cell treatment are women, men have surpassed women in stem cell and hair transplantation in recent years. With stem cell therapy, hair growth is ensured, but healthy, shiny, and lush hair is obtained.

Who Is The Treatment Applied To?

Stem cell therapy to the hair solves the hair problems in the long term and permanently in case of hair loss, weakness and thinness of the hair, and serious openness. It aims to eliminate the weaknesses in the hair and prevent hair loss. Stem cell therapy can be applied to anyone who has such complaints or wants to maintain the health of their existing hair.

How is Stem Cell Therapy Applied to Hair?

Stem cell treatment for hair is recommended in clinical conditions. The fat taken from the patient is enriched by specialist doctors under local anesthesia and injected into the scalp. Since the procedure is a short procedure and the patient will not experience any discomfort, he can continue his daily life at the end of the treatment.

How much will it take?

The application phase of stem cell treatment to the hair takes 10 minutes. However, the most important stage of the treatment is enriching the fat taken from the patient through cannulas. The time required for this process is approximately 1 hour. The total duration of the treatment is approximately 1.5 hours.

Should Hair Stem Cell Treatment Be Repeated?

Stem cell treatment applied to the hair by expert and experienced doctors is sufficient to apply once in the stem cell treatment to the hair, as in every treatment. After about one month, the treatment achieves the desired result by renewing the cells.

What are the possible reactions after the treatment?

Hair stem cell treatment can be safely applied to people of all ages. Since it is rich in oil obtained from the patient’s fat, there is no risk of reaction. There were no detected complications during or after treatment. It is extremely compatible as it is the patient’s tissue.

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