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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

Injection of Oil into the Face

Application of Oil Injection on the Face

Aesthetic concerns are characteristics that are usually found in every person. In previous years, aesthetic concerns were being addressed with aesthetic operations. There are aesthetic solutions for each of them with an operational or temporary period. However, today’s aesthetic complaints found in different regions are now completely and permanently eliminated with a single application. This treatment method is used not only in aesthetic surgery but also in solving all health-related ailments. Oil injection into the face is one of the applications that end aesthetic concerns.

To Which Areas Are Oil Injections Performed?

Oil injections can be applied to many areas but usually give very good results in the face area. Fat injection, which can be applied to almost any area of the face, is one of the most preferred methods for its long-term, lasting results. It is applied to the cheeks, around the eyes, the edges of the lips, and the prominence of the cheekbones. This treatment method is also used to give shape to the buttocks outside the face area. Oil injection therapy is usually used in combination with a filler. It can also be said that there are certain measures of stem cell therapy. This form of treatment is also converting fats taken from one’s own body into rich fat and giving it back to one’s own body. Fat injection is performed with oils taken from the fattiest areas of the body. These oils are injected back into the required places of the person after certain procedures. Oil injection application is performed by applying local anesthesia in sterile clinical settings. The fat injection treatment is most preferred is to see the result immediately and to resume daily life where it left off after a short period. Aging of the skin, depending on age, is eliminated. Oil injection is carried out in combination with additional october fillers. These materials are again substances compatible with human tissue.

To Which Areas are Oil Injection Applied?

Oil injection on the face is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications because it is permanent and reliable. This treatment is performed on many body parts and gives extremely successful results.

Breast augmentation treatments
To give shape to the hips
Although the cheekbones should not be pronounced
In the treatment of plumping of the cheeks
Maxillofacial augmentation
In the plumping of the lips
Oil injection fills wrinkles, deep lines, and dimples on the face.


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How is the Oil Injection Done?

Fat injection, fats are taken from the patient’s body and processed to obtain rich fat. By injecting this rich oil into the area where the aesthetic treatment will be performed, the fullness of this area is ensured, and a young, alive, healthy, and vibrant skin is revealed. Before the procedure is performed, the area to be injected with oil is anesthetized with local anesthesia, and the injection process takes place. A month after application, up to 40% of injected oil disappears. The remaining oils can carry out aesthetic treatment and get the desired result. Small bumps and bruises will inevitably form after the oil injection procedure. However, all of them pass after a short time, and the full results of the aesthetic application on the face are obtained.

Oil Injection (Oil Transfer)

This practice is also known as fat grafting. In the process of fat grafting, fat is taken from parts that have excess fat, such as the outer parts of the legs, and injected into areas with a lack of volume in the body. Natural-looking results are achieved with this safe, long-lasting, well-tolerated process.

What Are the Advantages of Oil Injection?

Fat injection is an application that does not risk complications because it is produced from one’s body fat.
Oil injection provides a more natural image than other aesthetic applications.
Oil injection is a long-term, permanent and safe aesthetic application.
At the end of the oil injection, the skin is renewed, the face becomes extremely noticeable, and a naturally youthful appearance is obtained.

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