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Prices for Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

The breast is considered the largest indicator of femininity as an organ. Breast augmentation is the most common type of breast augmentation surgery. Dec is the most common type of breast augmentation surgery. The abundance of technological tools developing in recent years is another factor that determines these surgeries as a favorite. Technologically produced silicone particles are also often preferred because they fully adapt to the patient’s body. Breast augmentation operations, which are selected because they provide high satisfaction and are an easy-to-perform method, are performed at quite affordable prices.

What You Need to Know Before Breast Augmentation Surgery

A patient who decides to have breast augmentation surgery should first know exactly what breast he wants. During the mutual negotiations with the doctor, inform the patient about which tour is more suitable. The operation route will be drawn by determining the breast model to be decided on. The surgical plan, prepared with attention to what the patient wants, contains information about which area the fillers will be injected from and which part of the chest they will stop in. On the day of surgery, the patient is recommended not to drink water for 8 hours. In addition to water, not eating and not smoking will also provide October patients with convenience during surgery. Before the operation, the patient is lowered into the operating room with a needle with a calming effect to be applied, and the fluids necessary for general anesthesia are injected.

How Is Breast Surgery Performed?

In this method, which is performed with general anesthesia, silicone injection is applied to the decided areas with the help of a needle. Multiple different sizes of silicone to be applied to the breast are kept ready during surgery. Thus, by trying it, the right decision is made about which size will be more suitable by applying silicones to the area. The breast operation takes place by applying the decided silicone to the patient. The treated area is wrapped with a special bandage, and the process is completed. With the painkillers given to the patient, the patient’s waking up process is kept under control, and the operation is terminated.

What to Look for After Breast Augmentation Surgery

The patient who underwent the operation may be discharged from the hospital within a day to a large extent. Although the pain is normal, it is supported by the pain medications given. After the operation procedure, the patient should use a special medical bra given to the patient for a month. The parts used in breast surgery are taken from under the breast or the coccyx. Temporary scars occur in these areas. These traces disappear over time. In operation performed with a hidden suture technique from the inside, there is no need for a situation such as removing the stitches. Although, at first, the patient feels pain when moving his arms, this pain completely passes over time.

To Whom Can Breast Augmentation Operations Be Performed?

Breast augmentation is a method that can be applied in patients whose breasts cannot show sufficient growth. Patients who have decided that there are no disorders at the hormonal level are suitable for this operation.

Breast augmentation operations are performed if the breasts become empty and sagging after exiting the breastfeeding period. A normal image is obtained by supporting the inside of the emptied breast with silicone.

People who have a great difference between their two breasts may also prefer this surgery. Decongestant breast augmentation surgery For the small breast to reach the appropriate size for the other, silicone is injected into the breast.

In general, breast augmentation operations that do not have any age limits are an operation that is performed for many women.

Prices for Breast Augmentation

Prices for Breast Augmentation 2021

Breast operations are performed today in many clinics and hospitals. The prices of this application, which is in high demand, vary depending on the size of the patient’s breast. The excess or scarcity of the procedure to be performed and the characteristics of the silicone used are the elements that determine the prices of this operation.

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