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Regional Thinning

Regional Thinning

Weight gain is a condition that has been causing many people to have serious health problems for many years. This condition, which is related to an eating disorder, is manifested by genetic characteristics. Excess weight, which can be called the biggest disease of the age, is collected regionally in some cases instead of wrapping the whole body. In such cases, fat glands form regionally and disturb people.

Regional thinning techniques are a preferred practice in regions where slimming is not possible in general terms. Therefore, it is not considered a slimming procedure. Although weight loss programs give results in many cases, fat accumulation occurs in people regionally, and these regions do not melt with sports. In such cases, regional thinning operations are preferred, and excess oils are melted in a short time.

Where Do Regional Fats Accumulate in the Body?

Regional fats are most likely passed on to the person genetically. In addition, irregular eating is also an effective condition. Gender identity and inactivity are known as other factors that increase regional fat formation. As a result of the fact that people gain weight very quickly and lose it, the balance of the body is disturbed, which can lead to the formation of regional fat. In some cases, hormone level disorders that occur in people can cause unbalanced weight gain and regional disorders.

Regional fat deposits in the body are most often manifested in the lumbar regions. Areas such as the hips, buttocks, back, shoulders, arms, breast, thighs, abdomen are other areas where regional lubrication occurs.

What is the Purpose of Their Operation?

Regional thinning is a procedure that is performed to shape the body in a large sense. It is preferred in areas where there is no result of weight loss. As a result of smoothly performed procedures, it is ensured that people have a problem-free body. It is for this purpose that it is a preferred application in areas that are generally problematic and where there is an excess of fat accumulation.

With the new methods developed by following the technological developments, it is now possible to make contouring in all parts of the body. As a rule, the upper parts of the arms and the inner parts of the legs are the areas where this procedure is most often performed. People who want to have a problem-free body and get rid of their excess regional resort to this method.

Application Techniques

Regional thinning operations differ depending on the fat content in the region. In regional thinning processes where many different techniques are applied, success is achieved by choosing the process that is suitable for the region. Its applications include many different techniques such as fat removal procedures with liposuction, body shaping sessions with bodytite, laser ipolysis method, velashape rebel dec regional applications.

Regional thinning operations are operations that must be performed in a clinical setting. Since it is an operation that requires experience, specialist doctors of the field should definitely be preferred.

G5 Massage

Vacu Magic


Laser Lipolysis



Cold Wave Therapy in Him

Scizer sonic

Exilis Elite

Who Can Choose Their Operation?

While it is possible to lose weight throughout the body in many sports programs, it is not possible to melt the fat formed regionally. People who do not receive sufficient efficiency from sports programs may prefer these applications.

Hereditary traits that are genetically transmitted to humans can also trigger the formation of regional fat. People who have a genetically determined weight can also apply for this application to have a more beautiful body.

Excess fats fixed to the body with improper nutrition and incorrectly performed sports programs can be eliminated by regional thinning techniques. By choosing the right techniques, people can get rid of the oils they don’t want with regional thinning operations to be applied.

In general, operations that do not have an age criterion do not show any disease-bearing characteristics. For this reason, people who have regional surpluses in their bodies and want to thin out regionally can easily choose this method. Regional thinning operations performed without problems are an application with a high success rate.




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