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Prices for Hydrafacial

Hydrafacial Prices (Fees)

One of the most technologically advanced skin renewal, blemish, and acne treatments is the Hydrafacial skin renewal method. The method, which creates extremely excellent aesthetic results on the skin, is performed with the latest technological devices approved by the FDA. In hydrafacial, the result is excellent. On Earth, the only FDA-approved device of the year and 2015 regular skincare the best skin refresh and skin renewal method which has been implemented in the HydraFacial treatment, the skin of any blemishes, treat pimples, fine wrinkles, the opening of large pores and blackheads that creates extraordinary results in the treatment of. It is much different from the methods currently applied in Turkey and the world. The difference between hydrafacial resurfacing treatment from other methods is that it results quickly. In addition, it is highly reliable and recommended by dermatologists. The vortex method is used in the treatment with the hydrafacial method. The peculiarity of this method is that it heals quickly and without damaging the skin, without irritating and wear. Today, it is a method applied together with expert dermatologists and estheticians in the most central aesthetic centers.

Hydrafacial Skin Care Effects

It is a method that tightens the skin, removes stains, opens fine wrinkles, eliminates deep scars formed by acne on the face, like other skincare and aesthetic applications. Still, the situation is slightly different Hydrafacial method. The peeling procedure is a treatment that the US Department approves of health because it is the latest technological device and results quickly. Hydrafacial aesthetic treatment is performed in the most exclusive aesthetic centers extremely comfortably. At the end of the procedure, the light and regeneration on the skin are immediately noticeable. Hydrafacial skincare is a method dec which many procedures applied to the skin are performed and applied together. Despite this, it has been proven to be extremely reliable and has been one of the most preferred methods recently. Deep cleansing of the skin is a wide range of treatments that are performed in combination with peeling, regenerating, moisturizing the skin, decongesting, and removing acne scars.

What is Done in the Hydrafacial Application?

In the hydrafacial skincare and renewal system, a liquid pressure technique called liquid-dermabrasion is applied. Peeling is carried out by combining vacuum with liquid. Appropriate serums are applied to the skin at the end of all these procedures, and fine wrinkles are opened. A special serum is also applied for the application of a cream with hyaluronic acid, which is extremely successful in moisturizing dry skin and removing large pores and black dots.
Moisturizing and antioxidant serum peptides are applied to the skin. Led therapy, called red therapy, is applied. In addition, with the application of blue light, the skin is cleansed of acne and bacteria by applying serum and antioxidant solutions to tighten the skin. In most elite clinics, the method applied with patient satisfaction at the forefront is performed in an extremely comfortable way for the patient. Hydrafacial treatment removes all toxins from the skin with a method called’ vortex fusion”. As a result of this procedure, the skin is renewed, rejuvenated, and tightened. December this procedure at certain intervals after the treatment sessions delays the aging of the skin in the long term.

Stages of Application of the Hydrafaical Process

The First Phase

In the first stage, called exfoliation, the skin is first cleaned of dead skin, the pores are cleaned, and the underlying natural radiant skin is revealed.

Second Stage

Peeling; A method called hydrafacial is performed by applying a special serum, peeling, that is, peeling the skin. This peeling process is done by maintaining the skin’s sensitivity extremely well, and there is no irritation on the skin.

The Third Stage

It is the process of cleaning blackheads. A serum called Beta-HD is applied by vacuum without feeling any pain with extremely sensitive movements. As a result of this procedure, the pores are completely cleaned.

The Fourth Stage

The fourth stage of its implementation is the treatment stage. This part is the process of removing stains, fine wrinkles, and brown spots on the skin.

The Fifth Stage

At this stage, it is the application of antioxidants called fusion. In this part, the procedure is completed by applying hyaluronic acid serum again. As a result of all the treatment procedures applied, there is no irritation and redness on the skin, so you can continue your daily life where you left off. Hydrafacial treatment application prices are not fixed prices, the structure of the skin, its sensitivity, how much it needs treatment are determined, and an appropriate price is deducted.

The price of Hydrafacial is not the same anywhere. Beauty Centers set the fees themselves.

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