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What is Exilis Elite?

What is Exilis Elite?

Exilis elite, in general terms, are technologies used to correct skin problems.  In order to achieve full-performance and controllable cosmetic results with Exilis elite, regional heat dissipation is provided to the skin with aesthetic devices. These devices, which are quite safe, create a volumetric heat effect on the skin and perform procedures with a high return on success.

Application of Body Stretching with Exilis Elite

What distinguishes it from other methods is that it can use two different technologies at the same time. Both the energy of ultrasound and the radiofrequency energy is simultaneously transmitted to the connective tissues. Thanks to this, the heated connective tissues activate the production of collagen, which starts the renewal processes in the skin. While this process is taking place, on the other hand, the elastic fibers that perform the function of elasticity on the skin begin to tighten.

In order to keep the skin temperature constant in Exilis elite applications, a connected thermometer continuously measures at certain december. A control panel is located in the energy output zones to ensure that the appropriate temperature values are not exceeded. Thanks to the part with a cooling effect located on the part of the hood, the skin is prevented from being affected by excessive heat during the procedure. In this way, the skin that is exposed to heat is cooled at the same time, preventing the skin from being damaged during this process.


It is possible to have an effective appearance in selected regions with the Exilis elite, which can be preferred regionally. A revolutionary new platform is preferred for reducing the volume and reshaping the region in problematic areas.  Cellulite produces a noticeable reduction in its appearance. That is why many ladies with cellulite problems prefer this application.  It is approved by the clinic for smoothing wrinkles that occur on the skin.  It permanently eliminates all kinds of wrinkles.  Thanks to the antiaging used during application, the skin is stretched and has a younger appearance. Their application works completely solution-oriented and focuses only on the target region. In this way, the heat that it emits evenly in the region results in the same equality in all areas.

Exilis Elite Application Sessions

The Exilis elite application is an application that takes place on a weekly basis. Applications that take place on a fixed day determined per week consist of 5 or 6 sessions in total.  The results obtained after the end of the sessions provide persistence on the skin for a period of one year. For more effective results, additional procedures can be performed by checking them in the recesses.

Reasons for Choosing

It is a preferred application due to its fast and effective maintenance features. Not wanting any time for recovery is also another benefit it provides. This intervention, which has an immediate effect, allows a person to continue his active life after leaving the session.  Thanks to the operations performed in the focused regions, it is possible to get the same effect results in each region.  The operation does not require any anesthesia or surgical intervention.  Thanks to this technique, which completely cleanses the skin, the skin has a completely different appearance.

In Which Regions Is It Applied?

Exilis Elite is an operation that leaves a lasting effect on the skin. It is very effective on age-related wrinkles that occur on the forehead, especially in the face area.  This method is also preferred for facial lines formed due to facial expressions. It provides very effective results in detention bags and color changes and changes occurring around the lips. In addition, to give a smooth look, go, falling the revitalization of muscles, elimination of wrinkles that occur around the eyes, sagging in the neck area, such as Exilis Elite treatment techniques are utilized in many different areas.

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