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What is EmSculpt?


Muscles allow the human body to stop frequently and give it a fitted look. The muscles, which show its effect, especially at a young age, have a structure that gives strength by increasing the endurance rate of the body. Even people who manage to stay on the same arm throughout their lives tend to look overweight as they get older. This is because the body loses muscle even if the weight is the same. As the muscle ratio decreases, the body gains a bloated appearance, and people have a heavier appearance even though they are the same weight.

Muscle-building workouts and body-building gyms offer programs to those who want to improve their muscles. After sessions with an intense program, people develop muscle structure. The muscular body, which gives a fit appearance, also takes on a very solid structure in terms of strength. Muscles, which are also friendly to advancing ages, prevent the aging and collapse of the body when they are strong. For this reason, people who like to do sports pay attention to muscle formation, while those who are new to sports are recommended to build muscle.

What is EmSculpt, and How Does It Work?

Developed for people who do not have time to work in the gym, EmSculpt technology effectively treats eyebrow structures. Thanks to the procedures applied to every part of the body, building muscle in the desired area is possible. With the application in a short time, the muscle areas are stimulated and worked, so it is possible to have the same muscles as sports without the need for time spent in gyms. EmSculpt technology is a proven clinical application. With the treatment performed with electromagnetic waves, the muscle ratio in the body is increased, and the fat masses are broken down. In this way, with the disappearance of fat masses, the desired area gains a more fit appearance.

With the EmSculpt technology, the muscles are worked by contracting 25 thousand times per minute. While the muscles worked at this level gain form, fat burning takes place in the same area simultaneously. In this way, the two processes are terminated simultaneously, and the desired results are achieved in the problem area in a very short time.


Having Abs With EmSculpt

EmSculpt technology is an application that creates a lasting effect and attracts attention in the area where it is applied. EmSculpt techniques applied in the abdomen produce successful results in the long run. With the EmSculpt application, which is especially preferred by women who have given birth, the abdominal muscles are worked effectively, and abdominal muscles, which are normally very difficult to form, are obtained. During pregnancy, the muscles working in the abdomen are separated. EmSculpt technology brings these muscles back together, giving the body an athletic appearance again. It is an application that has managed to attract the attention of women and men with the increase in the successful results obtained.

Hip Muscle Development with Emsculpt Technology

The hips are one of the areas with the highest muscle density in the body. With the advancement of age, sagging occurs in the hips due to the muscles melting in the body. Low hips, which occur due to falling out of shape of the hips, are a region where many women often resort to EmSculpt, although it is a complaint of many women. It is possible to get very successful results with short-term procedures on the hips.

How Long Does Emsculpt Technology Take? Who Can Have It?

EmSculpt technology is a process that takes up to 5 sessions under normal conditions. This application, which gives effective results quickly, can last up to two years. If needed, it is possible to keep the area in shape with occasional sessions. This procedure, which does not require surgical intervention, is carried out quite comfortably, and any patient can choose this method. It is a widely preferred treatment method, especially for patients whose muscles are melted in their bodies.

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