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What is Laser Hair Removal?

What is Laser Hair Removal?

People often try many ways to get rid of unwanted hair on their bodies. Laser hair removal, which has emerged and become popular recently with the development of technology, is a method of removing unwanted hair on your body permanently and healthily, painlessly, and effortlessly with laser technology. So how is this provided? Unlike normal light, the laser light is emitted in the form of a straight beam at a single wavelength and is absorbed by the melanin pigment, which gives the hair its color with pulses at a rate of one-tenth of a second and concentrates on the hair follicles where hair removal is performed without damaging the surrounding tissue. It creates heat in the hair follicle and performs a solution by destroying the hair follicle.

Who Can Laser Hair Removal Be Applied to?

It can be applied to anyone with suitable hair and skin structure which is older than 12 years. It is a treatment approved by the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration). Improper use (temporary and superficial burns may occur.) except that there is no harm. Treatment is recommended to be carried out by specialized doctors in order to avoid misuse.

Who Is Not Recommended for Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal the hairs white as milk, which are known to people with light sensitivity to patients, pregnant women, those with skin diseases such as psoriasis, some important side effects in those who use medications such as acne medication to those with pacemakers, peach fuzz ones and for epilepsy patients is not recommended. Those who have such diseases should first consult their doctor.

How Many Sessions Should Laser Hair Removal Be Performed?

It is wrong to use a general statement about this issue. Because the intervals of sessions and sessions to be applied for each December of the body are different. In general, it is recommended as 4 to 6 sessions every two months in the body area and 6 to 12 sessions every dec in the face area. Skin color, hair thickness, and density are the factors affecting the sessions. In addition, those who are treated should not apply decongestant methods such as tweezers, waxing, hair removal devices to the hairs that come out between the sessions. Another thing that people who have undergone laser hair removal treatment should pay special attention to is that they should prevent tanning of the area where they have had hair removal during the treatment period if they have the opportunity to minimize it.

What Are the Advantages of Laser Hair Removal?

It can be applied to all parts of the body comfortably.
Compared to other types of hair removal, the procedure takes a very short time and does not require any restrictions.
The laser hair removal method does not leave a permanent mark on the skin.
It has been registered by the FDA and is reliable.

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause Allergies?

The laser procedure does not cause allergies, as it is performed by applying the appropriate methods to the patient’s skin and hair type. Apart from this, there are no permanent side effects. After application, conditions such as slight redness and swelling may occur due to short-term heat exposure, but it will pass by itself within a few hours after treatment.

What Are the Recommendations Before Laser Hair Removal?

At least one month before laser hair removal, procedures such as waxing, tweezers, hair removal devices that allow you to remove hair from the hair removal area should be stopped, such as waxing, tweezers, hair removal devices, at least one month before laser hair removal. Depilatory creams can be used in this process because depilatory creams do not work on the roots. In addition, there should be no tanning in the area where hair removal will be performed up to 15 days before laser hair removal.  The solarium should not be entered.

What Should Be Done and What Should be Avoided After Laser Hair Removal?

Be protected from the sun for at least three months after application and use sunscreen with a factor of 30 or higher. Keep the area moist with moisturizing creams.
Do not touch hot water for 24 hours after application.
If there is pain or swelling within 24 hours, apply ice wrapped in a soft cloth.
If necessary, you can use painkillers.
Do not shave the area for 48 hours after application.
Do not rub your hands if there is crusting in the area.
Do not use depilatory creams in waxing.
Treat the hair removal area gently and do not scratch it. Avoid all kinds of irritating procedures.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Although women generally prefer laser hair removal, men prefer this method in order to make their hair sparse in areas with high levels of hair (chest, back and arms, hands, and feet). We call it thinning because the testosterone hormone secreted by men feeds the hairs more, so the hairs do not disappear completely; they have the same consistency as the hairs on the arm of a woman’s hand.

Prices for Laser Hair Removal

The average prices for full dec body laser hair removal range from 1500-3500 TL. Since the application can be made regionally, you need to get a price according to which region you want to do it.

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