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Non-Surgical Aesthetics

What is a French Sling?

French Strap-On

Although technological developments do not end surgical operations in aesthetics, they are extremely important in creating an alternative to them. Although the surgical operation provides a permanent solution, it is a reserved situation regarding the risks that may occur. Aesthetic applications have become an alternative to plastic surgery in almost every subject except surgical operations. The French sling is one of the procedures that provides facial aesthetics and delays aging without surgical operations. Lines and sagging that occur naturally at an advanced age are treated with the French sling method. It is also very important for its application in patients with facial paralysis. The French hanger facial aesthetic procedure, the compatibility of the medical materials used with the texture, is an important part that ensures the reliability of the application.

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Is the French Sling As Successful As Surgical Operations?

Although dermo-cosmetics delay the signs of aging, aging is a natural process. Although it is eliminated for a certain time by surgical operations, it is not possible to stop the natural process of old age. But the French sling is more preferable today to surgical operations. Surgery, as in all areas, although permanent in terms of its consequences, carries a health risk. In addition, the cost of work and the long recovery process are the most important parts that make people think. Technological developments are one of the most successful methods used in facial aesthetics. The French sling is one of the most used methods for face lifting, both as a long-term permanent procedure and as a healing process and in terms of its reliability. The medical materials used in facial aesthetics and face lifting, the place of origin of which is France, are materials compatible with the texture and can be absorbed by the body. Medical yarns used in aesthetic face-lifting procedures are also used in the French sling method. With this method, sagging, wrinkles on the face are eliminated, and the face is rejuvenated, while it is extremely reliable in terms of not carrying any risks.

French Sling Made with Ropes

With the progression of age, bad weather conditions, and environmental factors, our face cannot prevent gravity and age over time. Due to the loss of connective tissue, collagen, and elasticity, which begins to weaken, our face wrinkles, and we look older than we are even ready to give up our age. Although these and dermo-cosmetic products help this situation to a certain extent, they do not provide concrete solutions. The French hanger method does not affect the natural aging process, but it provides a young, dynamic, and natural facial beauty for a long time. One of the most important parts that the French sling provides is that it provides the lost oval appearance of the face, reduces wrinkles. Since the medical threads used in the French sling do not biologically affect the facial muscles, facial November does not disappear, and a natural image is obtained. Since collagen and elastin production in the november structure is triggered by stretching the skin, the procedure retains its durability for a long time. After the procedure, the expected effect is observed after a short time. The formation of the full result is completed in a week.

How Long Is the Face Lift Permanent?

One of the non-surgical face-lifts, the French sling, is one of the most technologically advanced methods. It is preferred more than other applications. One of the most important reasons for this is its persistence is much longer than other methods. The process is used by preserving the natural expression created for a maximum of years. It would not be wrong to say about the Face Lift that it is a complete alternative to the surgical operation.

To Which Regions Is It Applied?

Because it is used for sagging and wrinkle treatments, the most successful area is the face and neck. It is also applied to other specific areas of the body. The face, neck, and other areas are;

The structure of the cheekbones
Sagging under the chin
Ovalization of the face
Lifting eyebrows

In addition to these, neck wrinkles, breast deceleration, arms sagging, hip, legs are also among the sections applied.

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