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Almond Eye Aesthetics

What is Almond Eye Aesthetics?

Effective and attractive looks are the dream of every woman. Not only women but also men attach importance to this issue. The eyes reveal the beauty of the face. However, bright detention, slanting, and large eyes are the type of eye that suits everyone. In medical terminology, operations performed to achieve such eye structures are called Almond Eye Aesthetics. Although many people prefer almond eye surgery, it is most preferred around 20-25.

Almond eye aesthetics make the eye look more effective, and the eyes look bigger by pulling the eye up a little from the edges. However, the eyes are not completely slanted with almond eye aesthetics, so it seems more effective. She looks much more beautiful, especially when makeup is applied.

Who Can Get Almond Eye Aesthetics Done?

There is no age limit for almond eye surgery. Of course, it cannot be applied under the age of 18, and anyone over 18 can have almond eye aesthetics done. For this purpose, the necessary tests are performed when you contact your doctor, and if there are no problems, almond eye aesthetics can be performed.

There is a much higher demand for almond eye surgery from young women. Young men aged 20-30 and young men from the same age December are applying to aesthetic specialists for almond eye surgery.

How is Almond Eye Aesthetics Performed?

When you go to the hospital to have almond eye aesthetics, local anesthesia is applied to the eye area. When anesthesia shows its effect, an incision is made from the upper side of the eye. Through this incision, the eye is pulled up with special surgical threads. Thanks to aesthetic threads, the hanger is fixed to the bone tissue. Thanks to this procedure, almond eye aesthetics is made.

Almond eye aesthetics is performed with an average of 3-4 stitches; of course, the person who will have surgery does not feel it in any way. Stitches are removed a week after the operation. There are no traces left after almond eye aesthetics. The operation takes Dec 30-60 minutes, depending on the person. After the operation, the person is discharged on the same day.

Advantages of Almond Eye Aesthetics

After almond eye aesthetics, your eyes become more attractive. After this operation, the low eye image of the person disappears—no need to constantly makeup and make your eyes slant. Thanks to the depth it gives to the gaze, you can also impress everyone with your looks. When you have almond eye aesthetics, your eyes get a more pleasant appearance than usual.

After almond eye aesthetics, you may notice that your gaze adds vitality to your face. It is a great benefit to have lively looks instead of looking sleepy and faint like before.

Is Almond Eye Aesthetics Permanent?

Almond eye aesthetics does not go with you for life, but it lasts for 4-5 years. After 4-5 years, you can have almond eye surgery again, or if you are tired of almond eye aesthetics by this time, you can go to the same doctor again and have the procedure removed. It is also much easier to restore the operation than surgery. In the studies conducted to date, there have been no people who don’t like almond eye and don’t take it back, but doctors offer such an opportunity.

Where is Almond Eye Aesthetics Performed?

Almond eye aesthetics is not performed in any public hospital. Although it does not harm the person by law, it is forbidden to do aesthetics in public hospitals. Since it enters the field of aesthetics, it is performed in private hospitals and aesthetic centers. Whether insurance contributes to the fee also depends on the hospital rules. For this purpose, you can contact a plastic surgery center located in the city where you live.

Prices for Almond Eye Aesthetics

Because almond eye surgery is an aesthetic operation, the fees also vary according to the hospital and according to the doctor. For this purpose, it is useful to go face to face with the hospital where you will have almond eye aesthetics and talk to it.

You Can Contact Us To Get Detailed Information About Almond Eye Aesthetics Prices.

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