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What is the Aesthetics of a Smile?

What is the Aesthetics of a Smile?

Deformities and stains found on the teeth negatively affect us in everyday life. For this reason, people are now going to dentists today not only for dental conditions but also for aesthetic purposes. Because according to the research conducted, it has been concluded that people who believe that their tooth structure and smile are healthy are more successful and happier.

What Can Dentists Do To Ensure Smile Aesthetics?

They come up with solutions when the teeth turn into an undesirable shade (yellowing) or become disfigured.
They allow teeth that are not visible when smiling to join the smile aesthetically.
They ensure dec between the teeth, gums, and lips.
They prevent the excessive appearance of the gums according to the shape that the lips take during the smile.

How Does the Smile Aesthetics Treatment Process Work?

When making a smile aesthetic/design, it is called the aesthetics of the area formed by the teeth (white aesthetics) and the aesthetics of the area formed by the gums (pink aesthetics).

The most important point in smile design is to understand the aesthetic expectations of the patient correctly, and it is very important to determine the needs correctly in order to meet the expectations of the patient.

Models are prepared through the patient’s mouth measurements.  Problems are identified, and plans are made. Then, compliance with the shape of the face is calculated with measurements made using special programs in a computer environment with intraoral and facial photographs of patients. The closest images that will be obtained as a result of treatment are again prepared in the most appropriate way for the patient’s mouth through programs, presented to the patient with temporary restorations, and their ideas are taken.

Genetically, people may have joint disorders in the jaw part. These disorders interfere with the aesthetics of the smile. Jaw development may have regressed or increased in the vertical direction. During the elimination of these problems, people who have not completed the developmental age are more advantageous. As a treatment, it can be corrected by orthopedic therapy. But in some disorders of the jaw, surgical treatment should definitely be performed.

What Advantages Does the Smile Design Provide

A more natural look is provided, teeth suitable for the face and jaw are obtained.
The colors of the teeth appear clearer.
Gums get a healthier appearance.
He gets beautiful shining teeth and a more beautiful smile.
Fractures that occur on the teeth are corrected.
The mismatches that occur in the tooth sizes are eliminated.
Irregular gaps that form between the teeth are eliminated dec

How Long Can I Have an Aesthetic Smile After a While?

The number of sessions may vary depending on the treatments to be performed depending on the patient’s current condition. Treatment can sometimes be completed in a single session, sometimes in a few weeks.

What Are the Types of Personalized Smiles?

Attractive Aesthetic Smile: The preferred method in this treatment is to make the front teeth more prominent. With this modification, you will have a younger and more attractive smile.

Intellectual Smile: Your teeth are brought to the same level. Thus, it is ensured that the person has a more mature smile.

Sporty Smile: It is achieved by designing the middle incisor teeth longer than the incisors located on the sides.

Prices for Smile Aesthetics

Prices for Smile Aesthetics vary depending on the location, doctor, and patient’s condition. However, on average, it is between 1000-300 dec TL.

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